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Home / Series / Tokyo Underground / Absolute Order / Season 1 / Episode 4

The Full Moon: Ruri's Feelings

We see Ruri sweeping the yard outside when Chelsea rushes towards her and demands what she is doing. Ruri replies that they should at least do the sweeping since they're freeloaders. Chelsea decides to help out but gets frustrated when the wind keeps blowing fallen flower pedals away. She decides to use her gravity power but it just ends up making all of the flower pedals on the tree fall to the ground. In the meantime, Rumina and Ginnosuke rush off to school. The gangster individuals pay a short visit to Rumina's temple (remember those guys that got beaten up in the first episode?). They are quickly driven off by Chelsea though. Ruri becomes interested in school and wants to go. Chelsea is originally against it but then relents. Ruri, Rumina and Ginnosuke pay a midnight visit to school grounds. Rumina and Ginnosuke explain to Ruri how school stuff works (e.g.: attendance); Chelsea arrives late. On top of the school building, Ruri admires the moon (she didn't know what it was at first)

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Name Type Role
Katsuyuki Kumazawa Writer
Hayato Date Director