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Things That Go Bump in the Water

Carrie knows that his life as a fisherman is often frustrating to Mike, and, after much persuasion, convinces him to take his boat out on a whale-watching cruise. All Carrie's friends go along with Carrie, Mike and Steve on the trial run. Shannon takes Bethany, Scott's daughter, who she's still trying to make friends with. Denise goes with Ryan, who's just lost his job at Mulligan Marine while she's taking extra hours on her job because they need the money. Jesse is there, upset because he things everyone's forgotten his birthday, and Kurt, who's writing an article in hopes of getting a job at the local newspaper, is also aboard. The cruise comes to an abrupt halt when they run into a dead whale. Back on shore, Mike gets so much ribbing from the locals that he gets into a fight and ends up with a court date. Denise stops speaking to Ryan when she learns he's taken baby Conner along to a wrestling match as part of Jesse's birthday celebration. And Carrie can't believe her eyes when she

Name Type Role
Bill Barol Writer
Nancy Lenehan Guest Star
Heather Matarazzo Guest Star
Jeff Doucette Guest Star
Kevin Kennedy Guest Star
Daniel Hagen Guest Star
Pamela Fryman Director