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In Loco Parentis

Furious over the fact that Niall knocked up his sister, Liam takes Bobby with him to aid in a little street justice. Bobby breaks up the bloodmatch when he realizes Niall didn't even know Amanda was pregnant. That makes Niall happy, and Liam annoyed at Bobby for breaking the fight up. To Kevin's dismay, Father John informs the clergy that Father Castoro will be taking over Father Ryan's duties. When Kevin pulls Fr. John aside to ask why he didn't get the position, he's told that he isn't ready yet. Amanda is enraged to learn that Liam put his hands on her boyfriend, and wants him to apologize to Niall. Bobby and Damiana interrogate the Cupideros, a Latino family whose 8-year-old son, Nestor, has run away. Kevin attempts to persuade a jogging buddy slash former astronaut to talk to the kids he coaches, but since Kevin neglected to talk to him for eight months, the guy isn't interested.

Name Type Role
Matthew Carnahan Writer
Kevin Carolan Guest Star
Joshu Guest Star
Ti-Hua Chang Guest Star
Elizabeth Rodriguez Guest Star
Jamie Harrold Guest Star
Leo Burmester Guest Star
Judy Reyes Guest Star
Anthony Fusco Guest Star
Yul Vazquez Guest Star
Ron McLarty Guest Star
Rob Bogue Guest Star
Robert Prescott Guest Star
William Hill Guest Star
Vera Farmiga Guest Star
Orlagh Cassidy Guest Star
Richard Muenz Guest Star
Robert Jimenez Guest Star
Linda Larkin Guest Star
Taylor Dressman Guest Star
R.W. Goodwin Director