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Season 1

  • S01E01 Behold the Beast

    • September 16, 1998

    When the sole survivor of a destroyed world escapes to another galaxy where feuding races have existed for ages, a common miner named Graveheart rises to the occasion, helping to form an alliance that will be essential to their survival.

  • S01E02 On the Rocks

    • September 23, 1998

    The Alliance approaches Lord Mantel of Rock and Graveheart is jailed for treason, but Jade, a military soldier and friend to Graveheart is skeptical of the truth, and helps him escape to fight off a Beast attack.

  • S01E03 Born in Fire

    • September 30, 1998

    Graveheart and Cryos must undergo a torturous Trial by Fire to win Alliance support from young Prince Pyrus and planet Fire.

  • S01E04 Bad to the Bone

    • October 7, 1998

    Conniving Emperor Femur of Bone tries to play the Alliance against a deal with Lamprey of the Beast Planet, but his two faced actions nearly destroy his world until Graveheart and the Alliance step in.

  • S01E05 Wolf in the Fold

    • October 14, 1998

    Lamprey posses Tekla's body and uses her to try and assassinate Graveheart and destroy the Alliance.

  • S01E06 Mind War

    • October 21, 1998

    Graveheart stands by helpless, while Tekla fights Lamprey for control of her own body, in the battlefield of her mind.

  • S01E07 J'Accuse

    • October 28, 1998

    When Jade is wrongly accused of murder, She and Graveheart have 24 hours to prove her innocence with the fate of the Alliance resting in the balance.

  • S01E08 Blood is Thicker...

    • November 4, 1998

    While Graveheart and the Alliance fend off another Beast Drone attack, Cryos' daughter is taken hostage and the King must choose between his daughter and his people.

  • S01E09 Rock and Ruin

    • November 11, 1998

    With Graveheart exiled, Jade returns to Rock alone to make one last attempt to bring Lord Mantel and Planet Rock into the Alliance.

  • S01E10 Against all Odds

    • November 18, 1998

    Prince Pyrus and the Lady Zera crash-land on Beast Drone occupied Remora and are forced to fend for themselves with no way to contact the Alliance.

  • S01E11 Uneasy Hangs the Head

    • November 25, 1998

    Graveheart prepares the Alliance for the final battle against Remora while Femur makes plans of his own.

  • S01E12 RagnaRok: Part One

    • December 2, 1998

    As the battle against Remora rages, Graveheart fears the worst, until Planet Rock's last minute decision changes the odds.

  • S01E13 RagnaRok: Part Two

    • December 9, 1998

    With the Four Worlds finally united, the Beast Planet's approach threatens to destroy them all.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Worlds within Worlds

    • March 31, 1999

    As the Beast Planet prepares to destroy the Alliance, Graveheart and Tekla scramble to find the hidden secret which will enable them to defend their worlds.

  • S02E02 This is the way the World Ends...

    • April 7, 1999

    The Alliance lives to fight another day, but at a great sacrifice.

  • S02E03 Period of Adjustment

    • April 14, 1999

    Femur pleads with the world leaders to allow planet Bone back into the Alliance.

  • S02E04 Blaze of Glory

    • April 21, 1999

    Refugee's from planet Fire take control of Rock's battlemoon and Graveheart and Pyrus must reach them before it's too late.

  • S02E05 SandStorm

    • April 28, 1999

    Fleeing from the Beast Planet, Graveheart and the Alliance encounter a new civilization.

  • S02E06 Night on the Town

    • May 5, 1999

    Several Alliance members take advantage of a rare moment of peace which does not last as long as they had hoped.

  • S02E07 Time Bomb

    • May 12, 1999

    Graveheart and the Alliance discover an uninhabited jungle planet which has a dangerous secret of its own.

  • S02E08 Embers of the Past

    • May 19, 1999

    When Planet Fire reappears, Pyrus must face his damaged home-world which has seemingly escaped the Beast Planet.

  • S02E09 Divided We Stand

    • May 26, 1999

    Graveheart and the Alliance discover a rogue planetoid that may hold the secret to destroying the Beast planet, but at what cost.

  • S02E10 Nor Iron Bars a Cage

    • June 2, 1999

    Graveheart, Cryos, Jade, and Femur are separately captured by warring bands, while on the Prison Planet, and fight to escape as the Beast Planet draws near.

  • S02E11 Death of a King

    • June 9, 1999

    Battles rage as Graveheart and company fight for control on the Prison Planet, while Lord Mantel faces off against the Beast Planet's Mightiest Warrior.

  • S02E12 The Long Road Home

    • June 16, 1999

    Sternum of the Prison Planet must make an extreme sacrifice to save his world and the Alliance as they face off against the Beast Planet.

  • S02E13 Ascension

    • June 23, 1999

    As Planet Rock searches for a new king, Graveheart faces off against Blokk in what will be the final battle for one warrior.