An office walker is on her way home and walks by the playground when she stops when she hears a girl on the swing set call out to her. She asks if there's anything wrong and where her parents are. The girl says she's fine and that her mother is on her way, then she notices the butterfly brooch on the office worker's shirt and asks her to give it to her. The woman concedes and lets her have it as a reward for waiting patiently for her mother. The woman then goes on her way, remembering how when she was the girl's age, she would ask for things the older kids wanted as well. She says it's something kids would do, wanting to be a grown-up. The next evening, the woman walks by the playground and the same girl from before calls out to her. Concerned, the woman asks where her mother is. But she ignores her and demands her lipstick. The woman applies some lipstick on her who says she looks pretty. The woman goes on her way, though she shows some concern about the child being out this late. The next night, the woman is with her boyfriend, and the girl appears at the parking lot where their car is. Now she demands her boyfriend. In her car, the woman voices her fears: the girl wears the same clothes every day and she is also wearing the same lipstick from yesterday, which is now smeared. Suddenly, she sees the girl's reflection in the rearview mirror and to her horror, the girl's arms stretch out and grab her boyfriend. Then her head and neck stretch over to the woman, and she reaches out to her and says in a monotonous voice: "Hey, miss. Give this to me too. Come on, give it to me..."

  • Episode Number 2
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
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  • Originally Aired Monday, July 10, 2017
  • Production Code
  • Directors Tomoya Takashima
  • Writers Hiromu Kumamoto
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