A college girl, Haru, had just completed her entrance ceremony when she meets a fellow student and her childhood friend, Yukari. She tells Haru that she enrolled in the same school she did and made it off the waiting list. Haru says that she didn't know, but Yukari tells her she wanted it to be a surprise and they'll be together again. Haru remembers how the two of them were always together since they were little and they did the same things together, but in reality, Yukari was just copying everything she did. Haru notices this even more during one afternoon at a diner when Yukari asks if she could wear the same watch she has, be in the same classes she takes and be a part of the same club she is in. Finally, Haru has had enough and blatantly tells her to stop copying her. Yukari starts crying, but Haru, feeling sympathetic tells her that it's not good for her future if she's just copying her all the time. Yukari tells her she already has a dream, to be a teacher just like Haru. Yukari suddenly says with a frightening smile, "Are you surprised? So it's fine to keep doing everything together, right? We both have the same dream!" Haru becomes disturbed by this and says that they'll still do things together. Pleased, Yukari leaves the diner, but she starts walking the crosswalk on a red light and is run over by a car. Haru smiles as she vanishes and she says to herself, "The reason Yukari made it off the waiting list for the college...was because...I left...this world." Yukari copied everything Haru did, even her death...

  • Episode Number 4
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  • Originally Aired Monday, July 24, 2017
  • Production Code
  • Directors Tomoya Takashima
  • Writers Hiromu Kumamoto
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