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Season 1

  • S01E01 The Hangin' Tree

    • October 5, 1956
    • CBS

    When horses begin to turn up missing, the county forms a vigilante committee. Rancher Matt Jessop has the bad luck to innocently hire two shady characters to work on his ranch. Will the two drag Matt and his family down with them?

  • S01E02 Fearful Courage

    • October 12, 1956
    • CBS

    After witnessing a murder Louise Brandon is then hunted by the gunmen who want to end her life for fear she will testify.

  • S01E03 The Long Road Home

    • October 19, 1956
    • CBS

    A man returns to his Texas home with his mind set on accomplishing two things, he wants to avenge his brother's death and also settle an old feud.

  • S01E04 The Unrelenting Sky

    • October 26, 1956
    • CBS

    When the drought causes much suffering in a small town and one man has water but will not let anyone near his ranch or land the citizens take matters into their own hands for survival.

  • S01E05 Lariat

    • November 2, 1956
    • CBS

    After serving five years for accidentally killing a man with a lariat, Morgan returns to seek justice from the Judge who sentenced him.

  • S01E06 Death Watch

    • November 9, 1956
    • CBS

    After his troops are killed Captain Warling decides to face the Indians alone, they turn and flee when they realize that the Captain is no longer in his right mind and they fear evil spirits may come after them.

  • S01E07 Stage For Tucson

    • November 16, 1956
    • CBS

    Marshal Thorpe has received a tip that bank robber Bide Turley is on the stage from Las Cruces to Tucson.

  • S01E08 A Quiet Sunday In San Ardo

    • November 23, 1956
    • CBS

    Retired gunfighter wants to live a peaceful quiet life but there are those that won't let that happen.

  • S01E09 Vengeance Canyon

    • November 30, 1956
    • CBS

    After his son is murdered Joe seeks revenge on his killer.

  • S01E10 Return To Nowhere

    • December 7, 1956
    • CBS

    An outlaw gunfighter is haunted by his past and is trying to find his life. He goes looking for his wife and finds she is married to another man. He is determined to get her back.

  • S01E11 Courage Is A Gun

    • December 14, 1956
    • CBS

    A gunslinger is wounded by the marshal in a shooting while waiting to settle a feud. He then plots to kill the marshal as well.

  • S01E12 Muletown Gold Strike

    • December 21, 1956
    • CBS

    Mason Ward just back from the war discovers his law office destroyed he heads west to a new town and another job. Hired by the mayor as the new schoolteacher, he learns of a treasure map from one of his students.

  • S01E13 Star Over Texas

    • December 28, 1956
    • CBS

    When a Wagon from Indiana is ambushed and burned by bushwackers, little Annie Morgan loses her family and gains a new one in the Todds.

  • S01E14 Three Graves

    • January 4, 1957
    • CBS

    A gunman moves into a sleepy western town with the intention of taking it over for himself. But a pretty young woman sets her sights on him as a prospective husband.

  • S01E15 No Man Living

    • January 11, 1957
    • CBS

    A sheriff gives up his badge to exact personal revenge on an outlaw who has wronged him. The criminal he seeks has carefully disguised himself as a lawabiding citizen.

  • S01E16 Time Of Decision

    • January 18, 1957
    • CBS

    A land baron's son provokes a homesteader into a gun fight and ends up dead. The town hates homesteaders but finds a kindly allie in Evan Tapper.

  • S01E17 Until The Man Dies

    • January 25, 1957
    • CBS

    Cattle rancher Clint Belmet saves criminal Dave Jordan from a lynching determined not to allow mob rule to deprive Nevada of her chance for statehood.

  • S01E18 Backtrail

    • February 1, 1957
    • CBS

    Ex-gunman John Fallon takes on the town bullies who are trying to get rid of the farmers and take their land.

  • S01E19 Dangerous Orders

    • February 8, 1957
    • CBS

    Captain Hunter is sent to deliver important orders to the next fort and encounters several disruptions along his way. A turncoat, a drunk, a Confederate spy and Indians.

  • S01E20 The Necessary Breed

    • February 15, 1957
    • CBS

    Bounty hunter, Link returns to the town where he once lived, killing a man the town thinks is innocent of the crime they demand he pay for the crime.

  • S01E21 Village Of Fear

    • March 1, 1957
    • CBS

    A traveling book salesman is greeted by a dead man hanging in an alley when he arrives in a deserted Western town.

  • S01E22 Black Creek Encounter

    • March 8, 1957
    • CBS

    A man is faced with a difficult decision when challenged by a gunman who has searched for him for years. To accept the challenge would mean almost certain death.

  • S01E23 There Were Four

    • March 15, 1957
    • CBS

    A young man vows to get revenge on a wealthy rancher. He uses lawless methods because he regards an outlaw he knows as a hero. These methods, however, result in his being involved in a rustling scheme.

  • S01E24 Fugitive

    • March 22, 1957
    • CBS

    Fleeing from Union soldiers, an ex-Confederate is helped by a young widow, who believes he's a Union man. The soldier soon realizes he has fallen in love with the widow.

  • S01E25 A Time To Live

    • April 5, 1957
    • CBS

    A dance-hall singer tries to dissuade the man she loves from seeking revenge on a man who shot him and left him for dead.

  • S01E26 Black Is For Grief

    • April 12, 1957
    • CBS

    After serving in the Union Army, a young man learns that his wife has been murdered. In trying to find the killer he learns a strange story.

  • S01E27 Badge Of Honor

    • May 3, 1957
    • CBS

    Hoby Gilman returns to Crawford, Texas after the war and finds the town is taken over by a former confederate colonel. Hoby is asked to stand up to the colonel but he has had enough of guns and violence.

  • S01E28 Decision At Wilson's Creek

    • May 17, 1957
    • CBS

    The Battle of Wilson's Creek occurred August 10, 1861 along Wilson's Creek, about ten miles south of Springfield. This six hour battle is considered to be the second major battle of the Civil War and the first major battle west of the Mississippi River.

  • S01E29 Man On The Run

    • June 21, 1957
    • CBS

    An outlaw on the run winds up at a ranch run by more outlaws who have taken over the ranch. Duane tries to help the sisters regain control of the ranch.

  • S01E30 The Hanging Tree

    • February 22, 1957
    • CBS

    This episode is originall listed as s01e12; The town is out to hang a man without the marshal around, they become the judge jury and executioner.

  • S01E99 Unknown

    • CBS

Season 2

  • S02E01 The Deserter

    • October 4, 1957
    • CBS

    A young private has deserted from the Army and is riding on a freight wagon with a manipulative woman who claims to love him. An Army sergeant, assigned to look for deserters, joins the ride and recognizes the woman from his own past.

  • S02E02 Blood In The Dust

    • October 11, 1957
    • CBS

    Yankee Jim Horncuff is confronted by gunman Burke. Stars: Claudette Colbert, Jeff Morrow, Barry Atwater

  • S02E03 A Gun Is For Killing

    • October 18, 1957
    • CBS

    ""Make your play Billy Jack,"" says young Bobby as he pretends with his father's pistol, which is against the family's rules. But when the real Billy Jack shows up in town and threatens the Andrews family trouble begins for Russ who can't find his gun.

  • S02E04 Proud Woman

    • October 25, 1957
    • CBS

    When Consuela Bowers arrives in the West, she hires a man to work on her father's ranch. She does not know that he is a professional gunman.

  • S02E05 Ride A Lonely Trail

    • November 2, 1957
    • CBS

    The town council decides to retire old Sheriff Larson against much protest from the oldtime sheriff himself who does not want to be put out to pasture. He tries to prove to the town just how valuable and useful he still is.

  • S02E06 The Promise

    • November 8, 1957
    • CBS

    A dying rancher forces his restless young son to promise he will remain on the ranch with his older brother Noah.

  • S02E07 Episode In Darkness

    • November 15, 1957
    • CBS

    Traveling cattleman Ethan Boyan is framed in a frontier town for the slaying of a woman in a stagecoach holdup. The only person present when the crime was committed was Isabelle Rutledge, an embittered blind woman.

  • S02E08 The Open Cell

    • November 22, 1957
    • CBS

    Sheriff Morgan Winter decides to give a young man involved in a shooting another chance by taking him into his custody for a year. But the rest of the town, including Winter's deputy, just wants to see the boy fail and get sent up to prison.

  • S02E09 A Man To Look Up To

    • November 29, 1957
    • CBS

    Lawyer Jud Lester arrives in town right after a robbery and finds one of the robbers hiding in his office wounded.

  • S02E10 The Bitter Land

    • December 6, 1957
    • CBS

    A matriarch is adamanant about keeping the Spring Waters for her ranch and endangers her grandson, while other ranchers seek to use the water for their cattle, trouble ensues.

  • S02E11 Gift From A Gunman

    • December 13, 1957
    • CBS

    After he is wounded in a gun duel, Will Gorman resolves to forsake the gunman's life. He visits an old friend, whose restless wife and gun-eager son weaken his resolution to reform.

  • S02E12 A Gun For My Bride

    • December 27, 1957
    • CBS

    The daughter of a wealthy cattleman elopes with one of her father's ranch hands. Then he learns that her new husband is a fugitive from justice.

  • S02E13 Man Unforgiving

    • January 3, 1958
    • CBS

    Ex-army Medical corp doctor Ben Harper winds up in a town run by a crippled sheriff who holds a personal grudge against the doctor.

  • S02E14 Trial By Fear

    • January 10, 1958
    • CBS

    Gunslinger Tod Owen is on trial for murder, when he is found not guilty, it comes out that the dead man's brother had more reason to want his brother dead.

  • S02E15 The Freighter

    • January 17, 1958
    • CBS

    Belle is running a freightline outfit. Murdock and his sons are causing problems for Belle and are forcing a merger the hard way. Without the contracts needed for her line, the Murdocks make life miserable for Belle and her Grandfather who founded the line.

  • S02E16 This Man Must Die

    • January 24, 1958
    • CBS

    A sentenced to hang man escapes and returns to his home town to kill the witness whose false testimony convicted him.

  • S02E17 Wire

    • January 31, 1958
    • CBS

    A man who has spent most of his life working other people's property, vows to own land of his own. He homesteads on government land until violence breaks out with ranchers who want the land for grazing.

  • S02E18 License To Kill

    • February 7, 1958
    • CBS

    A frontier sheriff finds he is unable to cope with a group of trouble-making trailherders when he breaks his arm. The his younger brother arrives in town and the sheriff swears him in as his deputy. But the older man learns that his brother's idea of law enforcement is to kill any lawbreaker regardless of the crime.

  • S02E19 Sundown At Bitter Creek

    • February 14, 1958
    • CBS

    A man arrives in the town of Bitter Creek. Though he is trying to live down his past as a gun fighter the stranger learns that his appearance has a decided effect on three of the town's inhabitants.

  • S02E20 The Stranger

    • February 28, 1958
    • CBS

    Cort McConnell rides into town, when he sees a man running out of the general store and after he wrestles him down they fight until a shot goes off killing the man. With the shopkeeper dead the townspeople charge Cort with the crime.

  • S02E21 The Sharpshooter

    • March 7, 1958
    • CBS

    Lucas McCain and his son Mark arrive in North Fork, New Mexico. Looking to start a new life, they come across a ranch to their liking, which is for sale.

  • S02E22 Man Of Fear

    • March 14, 1958
    • CBS

    The famed gunman Doc Holliday visits a young married couple who are friends of his. He learns that the wife holds her husband in contempt because he is paying protection money to a gang of thieves in order to keep his home and ranch safe.

  • S02E23 The Doctor Keeps A Promise

    • March 21, 1958
    • CBS

    Dr. Allan McMurdo tries to save the life of Dave Bechdolt who was shot when he tried to rob a man so that he could buy some seeds to grow his crops for his family.

  • S02E24 Three Days To Death

    • April 4, 1958
    • CBS

    An Easterner learns that his brother has been killed out West and sets out to find the murderer. He learns that the killer's identity is known, but that the law does not have the men to go after him.

  • S02E25 Shadow Of A Dead Man

    • April 11, 1958
    • CBS

    Logan Wheeler seeks Raney Benson, a wanted bank robber for the reward money. Logan's father is close to losing his ranch and Logan sets out to help him.

  • S02E26 Debt Of Gratitude

    • April 18, 1958
    • CBS

    Marshal Cam Tolby faces the enmity of the townspeople when he tries to take an outlaw to Prescott, Ariz., to stand trial for robbery and murder. His difficulties increase when the outlaw, despite handcuffs, manages to save a group of schoolchildren from disaster.

  • S02E27 A Handful Of Ashes

    • May 2, 1958
    • CBS

    Old timer Ben Carey wants to become Deputy but the town thinks he's too old for the job. He takes in a man with a snake bite and realizes that he is outlaw Jerrod Toll.

  • S02E28 Threat Of Violence

    • May 23, 1958
    • CBS

    A gunman, tired of violence, hangs up his guns and tries to make a new life for himself as an attorney. But he finds that his reputation as a gunman hinders him. Then he takes the case of a man whose past record makes him the prime suspect in a murder case.

  • S02E29 Utopia, Wyoming

    • June 6, 1958
    • CBS

    A clan of Confederates from Georgia looking for a new way of life settle in a deserted Wyoming ghost town that they have named 'Utopia'.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Trail To Nowhere

    • October 2, 1958
    • CBS

    Julie Holman swears vengeance when her husband is murdered. Suspecting Carl Benson, a man with whom her husband has quarreled, Julie rides out to his ranch. She finds that Benson has disappeared and sets out to track him down.

  • S03E02 The Scaffold

    • October 9, 1958
    • CBS

    An embittered man shoots one of the leading citizens.

  • S03E03 Homecoming

    • October 23, 1958
    • CBS

    Though Adam Larkin has spent many years trying to make a living from his land, he has only met with failure. When his wife tells him that she is expecting a child, Larkin goes to the bank and asks for a loan, but the bank refuses it. Larkin decides to take what he needs.

  • S03E04 The Accuser

    • October 30, 1958
    • CBS

    After discovering the body of a murdered rancher, Milo Brant tries to comfort the grieving widow. The widow's little son, however distrusts Brant and resents the man's attentions to his mother.

  • S03E05 Legacy Of A Legend

    • November 6, 1958
    • CBS

    A drifter arrives in a small Western town claiming to be a famous lawman who had lived there years before. The townspeople, who remember the lawman as a young and vigorous man, refuse to believe him.

  • S03E06 To Sit In Judgment

    • November 13, 1958
    • CBS

    When a youngster bites off more trouble than he can chew a sympathetic sheriff takes the hard course on teaching him a lesson.

  • S03E07 The Tall Shadow

    • November 20, 1958
    • CBS

    Linc Hardway's father is one of the wealthiest men in the West. In his efforts to prove that he can do anything as well as his father, Linc encounters one failure after another, until even the girl he loves loses respect for him. Then Hardway's father is murdered and he is suspected of the crime.

  • S03E08 The Vaunted

    • November 27, 1958
    • CBS

    Wanted criminal Jess Matson has been on the run for over a year, he heads back to visit his family and encounters a surprise ambush.

  • S03E09 Pressure Point

    • December 4, 1958
    • CBS

    Jess Clark becomes blind when his horse breaks his leg in a gopher hole in Top Rock, a small town that wants nothing to do with gunfighters. After a prison break Lew Banning goes after Clark who killed his brother not caring that the old timer is blind now.

  • S03E10 Bury Me Dead

    • December 11, 1958
    • CBS

    Lorimer is forced to help outlaw Redfern, who is holding Jed's wife hostage, with a Marshal on the trail of Redfern, Lorimer is trying desperately to protect Redfern in order to keep her alive.

  • S03E11 Let The Man Die

    • December 18, 1958
    • CBS

    Dr. Reynolds faces a painful temptation - if he allows a patient to die, his son's future will be assured.

  • S03E12 Medal For Valor

    • December 25, 1958
    • CBS

    David Manning asks Rufus Stewart for money so he can relocate to a warmer climate due to his wife's illness. The catch is that he serve in the U.S. Armory under Stewart's sons name for so that his son can run for U.S. senate.

  • S03E13 Living Is A Lonesome Thing

    • January 1, 1959
    • CBS

    A wealthy rancher is trying to monopolize the cattle drives leaving Texas. Small ranchers are trying to put their own drive together. The wealthy rancher hires a man's wayward son to sabotage the effort.

  • S03E14 Day Of The Killing

    • January 8, 1959
    • CBS

    Blacksmith Jonas Sutton is elected sheriff. After he takes office, townfolk pressure him into hunting down a murderer who previously had saved Sutton's son.

  • S03E15 Hang The Heart High

    • January 15, 1959
    • CBS

    Discontented with her marriage, Regan Moore attracts the love of gunman Dix Porter with serious consequences.

  • S03E16 Welcome Home A Stranger

    • January 22, 1959
    • CBS

    After the Civil War, lawman Ben Sanderson returns to his Southern home to find things very changed.

  • S03E17 Trail Incident

    • January 29, 1959
    • CBS

    Andy McCall comes across a teenage boy wandering through the country. The boy, Peter Owens tells of being thrown by a horse, and his father is Tim Owens, the biggest banker in Chicago. Back at camp Charlie the cook who's been crippled by an accident is bitter he can never partner Andy like they'd always dreamed. The cattle drive continues and Peter starts to adapt to camp life, first as a cook's helper and then as one of the riders. Charlie tells the boy he will stake him a ticket for the stagecoach when they get close to a nearby town. Arriving at Redcliff Charlie has a meeting with a group of men, when he goes to organize Peter the boy suddenly changes his mind and wants to stay. Charlie tells him he must leave regardless, but rather than riding away he circles back and finds McCall standing the night guard on the herd. At dawn McCall rides to camp and ambush Charlie and his henchmen. A gun battle ensures and McCall defeats Charlie and the men with the help of Peter

  • S03E18 Make It Look Good

    • February 5, 1959
    • CBS

    When Sam Carter refuses to accept his share of stolen money, he inadvertently places his wife Jenny's life in jeopardy. Carter's companions in crime suspect that he has informed on them.

  • S03E19 A Thread Of Respect

    • February 12, 1959
    • CBS

    Gino Pelleti, an immigrant tailor, opens a shop in Yucca City. He and his son are subjected to cruel pranks, but he doesn't believe in violence and refuses to defend himself.

  • S03E20 Deadfall

    • February 19, 1959
    • CBS

    A gunman just out of prison is framed for robbery, convicted and sent back to prison. On the way, outlaws kill the sheriff and kidnap the prisoner.

  • S03E21 The Last Raid

    • February 26, 1959
    • CBS

    Miguel and his gang get away from the band with several thousand pesos in gold. But Miguel is betrayed by one of his men, who steals the gold, takes Miguel's girl and her younger brother, and escapes to a hiding place in the mountains.

  • S03E22 Man Alone - AKA The Loner

    • March 5, 1959
    • CBS

    A father determines that his son must kill Johnny Ringo in order to establish himself as the best gunfighter.

  • S03E23 Hanging Fever

    • March 12, 1959
    • CBS

    Sam Walston, a town leader, sets out to bring justice to a small town after a murder. A suspect suddenly leaves town and the people don't want to wait for a trial. What Walston doesn't know is that his own wife is the suspect's alibi.

  • S03E24 Trouble At Tres Cruces

    • March 26, 1959
    • CBS

    After many years away from his family, Dave Blasingame is asked to return home.

  • S03E25 Heritage

    • April 2, 1959
    • CBS

    Victor Bers grows bitter when his son deserts their farm to join the Confederate Army.

  • S03E26 The Sunrise Gun

    • April 16, 1959
    • CBS

    Bitter memories plague old Johnny Sunrise, one-time gunslinger.

  • S03E27 Checkmate

    • April 30, 1959
    • CBS

    The story of Ward Pendleton, an examiner for a chain of banks, as he travels throughtout the old west.

  • S03E28 Mission To Marathon

    • May 14, 1959
    • CBS

    Gil Durand, dishonorably discharged from the Army, is asked by the government to locate an Army major.

  • S03E29 The Law And The Gun

    • June 4, 1959
    • CBS

    John Welker's new bride is killed by bank robbers. John goes undercover to try and infiltrate the gang.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Interrogation

    • October 1, 1959
    • CBS

    After being captured by the Mexican Army, Captain Kraig holds fast to the interrogation concerning the whereabouts of the coming troops.

  • S04E02 The Lone Woman

    • October 8, 1959
    • CBS

    An Indian is skulking around a ranch house and kills the eldest son of the family living there. The mother is filled with hate and wants him dead. Soon the Indian returns. Stars: Barbara Stanwyck, Martin Balsam, George Keymas

  • S04E03 Confession

    • October 15, 1959
    • CBS

    A New York newspaper reporter comes West to do a story on Sheriff Agate Slade. He forms an immediate dislike for the sheriff. Stars: Dick Powell, Charles Aidman, James Griffith

  • S04E04 The Lonely Gun

    • October 22, 1959
    • CBS

    An outlaw returns home to see his brother. He finds that his brother is dead. His nephew has sold the ranch to pay debts and is about to set out on a life of getting rich fast. Guest: Barry Sullivan

  • S04E05 Hand On The Latch

    • October 29, 1959
    • CBS

    A man is shot while escaping from an army prison camp during the civil war. He happens upon a small farm house where there are two women alone. Stars: Anne Baxter, Paul Richards, Charles H. Gray

  • S04E06 Shadows

    • November 5, 1959
    • CBS

    Loy Bannister is the town's most powerful figure because of his political and economic influence. In a wild bid to gain Bannister's admiration, young Branch Neeley agrees to stand trial for a murder he didn't commit.

  • S04E07 Mission

    • November 12, 1959
    • CBS

    At a frontier cavalry post, a newly arrived black trooper must earn the respect and trust of his fellow cavalrymen, most of whom are white and don't want a black in their outfit. Guest: Sammy Davis Jr.

  • S04E08 Lonesome Road

    • November 19, 1959
    • CBS

    Marshall Ben Clark cleaned up the town, but now he is going to far in his effort to suppress dissent. The townspeople decide he needs to leave town. He doesn't want to leave quietly.

  • S04E09 King Of The Valley

    • November 26, 1959
    • CBS

    A wealthy rancher is blamed for missing funds at a bank. Stars: Walter Pidgeon, Leora Dana, Karl Swenson

  • S04E10 Rebel Ranger

    • December 3, 1959
    • CBS

    A strong willed woman and her son return to their old home finding it occupied by an former civil war soldier who refuses to leave.Guest: Joan Crawford

  • S04E11 Death In A Wood

    • December 17, 1959
    • CBS

    Two Confederate soldiers, sent into the woods on a reconnaissance mission, suddenly realize that they are being watched.Guest: Dick Powell

  • S04E12 The Grubstake

    • December 24, 1959
    • CBS

    Released after a long prison term, prospector Jim Goad is ready to resume panning for gold and he plans to take his son with him. But the boy who was raised by friends of Jim's has fallen in with a bad crowd. Stars: Cameron Mitchell, Ben Piazza, John Milford

  • S04E13 The Ghost

    • December 31, 1959
    • CBS

    Marshal Monty Elstrode is captured by an outlaw gang who are planning to organize a new Confederate Army. Elstrode is shocked to learn that the leader of the group is the supposedly dead murderer of President Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth.

  • S04E14 Miss Jenny

    • January 7, 1960
    • CBS

    Jenny Breckenridge is unhappy with her life. She would much rather be back in the city, where she comes from. than out west with her husband, a lazy drunk. A good-looking young cowboy who stops by sparks her interest, but then the man announces that he has a plan--he's going to take Jenny as his own, and to show that he means business he shoots her husband.

  • S04E15 The Reckoning

    • January 14, 1960
    • CBS

    Mace, a cattleman, hates sheepherders because he believes that sheep ruin good grazing land. Stars: Cesar Romero, Stephen McNally, Robert Harland

  • S04E16 Wayfarers

    • January 21, 1960
    • CBS

    A forlorn young woman comes to a hostile village to tell her husband, who has been working there, she is pregnant.

  • S04E17 Picture Of Sal

    • January 28, 1960
    • CBS

    Jed a former spy during the Civil War shows up in a Nevada casino run by Sal, whom he left standing at the altar years before. Stars: Rod Taylor, Carolyn Jones, Richard Shannon

  • S04E18 Never Too Late

    • February 4, 1960
    • CBS

    Ginger Rogers plays a land-hungry woman who hires a gunman to help her.

  • S04E19 Man In The Middle

    • February 11, 1960
    • CBS

    An Indian agent has a double task: convincing the townspeople that a young man deserves punishment for shooting an Indian and arresting the culprit. Stars: Michael Rennie, Richard Jaeckel, Louis Jean Heydt

  • S04E20 Guns For Garibaldi

    • February 18, 1960
    • CBS

    Townspeople are disappointed when Giulio Mandati comes to Indian Creek to take over his brother's gold claim. They had hoped that the gold would be used to pay for a much needed dam. What they don't know is that Giulio is an impostor who plans to use the riches to finance Garibaldi's Italian revolt. Guest Star: Fernando Lamas

  • S04E21 The Sunday Man

    • February 25, 1960
    • CBS

    Sheriff Walt Devlin and his brother, Deputy Bill Devlin, are alike in name only. Walt is a letter-of-the-law man who believes the end does not justify the means. Bill's methods are sometimes questionable and certain citizens suspect that he's a lawman purely for the thrill of gun-slinging. Guest Stars: Brian Donlevy, Leif Erickson, Dean Jones

  • S04E22 Set-Up

    • March 3, 1960
    • CBS

    Mike Bagley is a young man who is forced to marry a woman at gun point and then run off his farm. Years later he returns to claim what is his. Guest Stars; Phyllis Kirk, Steve Forrest

  • S04E23 A Small Town That Died

    • March 10, 1960
    • CBS

    Dave Cameron comes to town looking for a friend. He finds that his friend was hung after shooting a beloved man of the town. Dave knows his friend would never shoot a man in the back and sets out to clear his name. Guest Stars: Dick Powell, Henry Hull, Beverly Garland

  • S04E24 Killer Instinct

    • March 17, 1960
    • CBS

    Marshal Bigger has a reputation for being soft on a town ruffian - Wade Migil. But when Wade kills a man, the sheriff is forced to go after him - but can he be trusted to do the right thing? Guest Stars: Wendell Corey, Marc Lawrence, Robert Harland

  • S04E25 Sundown Smith

    • March 24, 1960
    • CBS

    After Bobby's mother is murdered by Outlaw Jesse Harp, he runs into Sundown Smith and sets him up for the fall as the murderer. Guest Stars: Jack Carson, Simon Oakland

  • S04E26 Calico Bait

    • March 31, 1960
    • CBS

    Deputy Sam Anders is looking for Davey Morse for the murder of a shopkeeper. Stars: Inger Stevens, Robert Culp

  • S04E27 Seed Of Evil

    • April 7, 1960
    • CBS

    Malachi West has developed a bitter hatred for the Union secret-service man who was responsible for his son's death during the war. The townspeople are very afraid of West until Sam Brady comes to town. Guest Stars: Raymond Massey, Cara Williams, Myron Healey

  • S04E28 Deception

    • April 14, 1960
    • CBS

    In an effort to thwart thieving outlaws that rob their stagecoaches, the stage-line's main operators come up with a plan that is not only unorthodox but risky as well.

  • S04E29 Stagecoach To Yuma

    • May 5, 1960
    • CBS

    When a lawless female and company stir up trouble . - Arizona territory Marshal Dave Harmon boards a stage coach bound for Yuma. Where he hopes to restore order and run her out or take her in, one way or another.

Season 5

  • S05E01 A Gun For Willie

    • October 6, 1960
    • CBS

    When simple Willie receives a reward for killing an outlaw he becomes the big man in town, until it turns out that Willie killed the wrong man. Stars: Ernest Borgnine, Arthur Shields, Paul Birch

  • S05E02 Desert Flight

    • October 13, 1960
    • CBS

    Brenner, Doyle and Sandy are a trio of bank robbers, who've come up with a really slick plan. But Brenner, the mastermind, hasn't taken Doyle's itchy trigger finger into account. Stars: Dick Powell, James Coburn, Ben Cooper

  • S05E03 Cry Hope! Cry Hate!

    • October 20, 1960
    • CBS

    After her son goes missing a search party goes out looking for the youngster. Stars: June Allyson, Paul Fix, Brett King

  • S05E04 The Ox

    • November 3, 1960
    • CBS

    A former Confederate soldier who has spent some long years in prison, Ox has only one thing in mind - revenge on his old commanding officer for putting him behind bars. Guest Stars: Burl Ives, Whit Bissell, Edward Platt

  • S05E05 So Young The Savage Land

    • November 20, 1960
    • CBS

    Beth and Jim Brayden have struggled to keep their ranch when the greed of a neighboring rancher tries to lay claim to their land.Stars: Claudette Colbert, John Dehner, Chris Robinson

  • S05E06 Ransom

    • November 17, 1960
    • CBS

    Comanche Indians raid a shepherd's camp, killing all the hands except an itinerant cowboy named Dundee. He doesn't have to wait long before he learns why he have to wait long before he learns why he was spared. The Indians plan to trade him for horses and guns. Guest Stars: Lloyd Bridges, Claude Akins, Aneta Corsaut

  • S05E07 The Last Bugle

    • November 24, 1960
    • CBS

    Geronimo and his renagades are on the warpath again. Army officer Gatewood heads for the Mexican Sierras with two Apache prisoners to try and talk the ruthless leader into surrender. Guest Stars: Robert Cummings, Michael Pate, Rodd Redwing

  • S05E08 The Black Wagon

    • December 1, 1960
    • CBS

    Sarah Harmon is traveling in a wagon train which halts at the scene of an Apache raid.

  • S05E09 Knife Of Hate

    • December 8, 1960
    • CBS

    Dr. Pittman's daughter is held hostage until the good doctor performs surgery on one of the outlaws. Stars: Lloyd Nolan, Susan Oliver, Robert Harland

  • S05E10 The Mormons

    • December 15, 1960
    • CBS

    Matt Rowland is determined to prevent Mormons from entering into Joshua City after he hears there is cholera aboard the wagon train. His son Tod begins to question his father's motives after he meets a young lady from the train. Guest Stars: Stephen McNally, Tuesday Weld, Mark Goddard

  • S05E11 The Man From Yesterday

    • December 22, 1960
    • CBS

    An old-time gunslinger named Mapes gets out of prison and returns to track down John Duncan, the man who framed him many years ago. Guest Stars: Wendell Corey, Marsha Hunt, Cubby O'Brien

  • S05E12 Morning Incident

    • December 29, 1960
    • CBS

    Laurie Pritchard is a farm girl engaged to a farm boy but the farm life isn't consistent with her dreams. Then she meets a man who might be able to make her dreams come true. Stars: Martha Hyer, Robert Culp, Robert Garland

  • S05E13 Ambush

    • January 5, 1961
    • CBS

    Union Army Col. Blackburn commands a squad of mercenary soldiers whose current mission is to get vital papers through Confederate lines. There's an air of mutiny as the mercenaries complain about the dangerous duty. Guest Stars: Dick Powell, Don Dubbins, Jack Elam

  • S05E14 One Must Die

    • January 12, 1961
    • CBS

    John Baylor is summoned to the home of a friend of his fathers. The man is dying and wishes to leave everything to one of his two daughters. John wants to find out why one daughter is excluded. Stars: Joan Crawford, Philip Carey, Carl Benton Reid

  • S05E15 The Long Shadow

    • January 19, 1961
    • CBS

    Widow Amy Lawson's son, a Cavalry Officer, is killed in action. Amy blames Major Sinclair for her son's death. The major isn't just the Cavalry commander - he's Amy's fiance. Guest Stars: Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Scott Marlowe

  • S05E16 Blood Red

    • January 29, 1961
    • CBS

    Jess Whiting is a driven man, he is afraid that the Indian uprising is because of his Indian wife and that she will be taken from him. Guest Stars: Carolyn Jones, Sterling Holloway, Charlie Briggs

  • S05E17 Honor Bright

    • February 2, 1961
    • CBS

    Ex-convict Ed Dubro has reluctantly agreed to his daughter's marriage to Vince Harwell. But on the wedding day, Laurie learns that Vince is already married. Stars: Danny Thomas, Ed Nelson, Robert Warwick

  • S05E18 The Broken Wing

    • February 9, 1961
    • CBS

    Lyman now a cripple, years ago tried to fly through the air under his own power. Now Lyman's nephew Thalian is determined to do the same thing. Stars: Arthur O'Connell, David Ladd, John Larch

  • S05E19 The Silent Sentry

    • February 16, 1961
    • CBS

    A wintery outpost leaves the last two soldiers, one a Rebel the other Confederate to survive their blistering hatred. Stars: Don Taylor, Dick Powell, James Whitmore

  • S05E20 The Bible Man

    • February 23, 1961
    • CBS

    Albert Pierce is a traveling preacher. His long lost son catches up with him and is determined to make him pay for the death of his mother. Stars: Art Linkletter, Jack Linkletter, Peter Whitney

  • S05E21 The Scar

    • March 2, 1961
    • CBS

    Jesse Martin takes a job in the mines to supplement his farm income, but he meets someone who reminds me of the abuse he suffered in a civil war prisoner camp. Guest Stars: Lew Ayres, Mort Mills, Patricia Barry

  • S05E22 Knight Of The Sun

    • March 9, 1961
    • CBS

    Henry Jacob Hanley, a drunken desert rat, is just making himself at home in a deserted fort when he acquires some company. Beth Woodfield arrives on a mission taken over from her dead father- delivering the new Gatling gun to the troops in Mexico. Stars: Dan Duryea, Constance Towers, Dick Powell

  • S05E23 A Warm Day In Heaven

    • March 23, 1961
    • CBS

    In the sleepy decent town of Heaven, evil arrives in the form of Nick Finn, as Michael Peters soon finds out he is the only one not swayed by the devil.

  • S05E24 The Empty Shell

    • March 30, 1961
    • CBS

    Madden a cowardly farmer is fearful that not only are they after his land but his wife as well.

  • S05E25 The Atoner

    • April 6, 1961
    • CBS

    New Bethlehem, Arizona, has no saloons or gambling halls because of the House of Matthew religious sect which inhabits it.

  • S05E26 Man From Everywhere

    • April 13, 1961
    • CBS

    Sheriff Jed Morgan is worried about his prisoner, Tom Bowdry, because the local gentry seems to be getting lynch fever. Morgan hires guide Branch Taylor to hustle Bowdry to the nearby town of Borrego.

  • S05E27 The Release

    • April 27, 1961
    • CBS

    Prisoner Lee DuVal could go free by working for the governor of Texas.

  • S05E28 Storm Over Eden

    • May 4, 1961
    • CBS

    Chet Loring, Ellen Gaynor, and Billie Gaynor grew up together in the same house. Chet wants to marry Ellen but accidentally shoots and kills Billie. Now Ellen and Billie's father wants to hang Chet.

  • S05E29 Image Of A Drawn Sword

    • May 11, 1961
    • CBS

    Union Lieutenant Sam Kenyon informs the citizens of an isolated Rebel community that some rookie troops will be camping near there for a few days. For the sake of their own health, he offers the townspeople a warning - don't taunt the young soldiers.

  • S05E30 Jericho

    • May 18, 1961
    • CBS

    A woman sentenced to hang for the murder of her husband is sent a second chance by a Government Agent. Stars" Guy Madison

Additional Specials