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Season 1

  • S01E01 Pilot

    • August 2, 2003
    • Lifetime

    Zoe gives up her job as a blackjack dealer so she can raise her nieces and nephew after their mother dies in a car accident. Sophia Mason and Dan Lennox, special fraud investigators, tell her the family is denied any financial settlement because they think her sister was responsible for her own death. Zoe decides to go on her own investigation to prove her sister wasn't at fault while trying to find a new job. Also, Zoe runs into an old flame and Taylor disappears.

  • S01E02 The Learning Curve

    • August 9, 2003
    • Lifetime

    Zoe investigates her first case

  • S01E03 Con Artistry

    • August 16, 2003
    • Lifetime

    Zoe finds out her partner Dan used to be engaged and used to be a thief. Meanwhile Dan's ex-fiance comes to town. Marco's ask Zoe out on an date but she turns him down the first time. Sophia and her boyfriend try to find a house but have difference of tastes in a place to live. Dan discovers he has feeling for Zoe and goes to tell her, but when he does he see's Zoe and Marco's kissing on the porch.

  • S01E04 Hell Week

    • August 23, 2003
    • Lifetime

    Zoe investigates a possible sorority prank gone awry while struggling to sort out her love life.

  • S01E05 Dearly Beloved

    • September 6, 2003
    • Lifetime

    Professionally, Zoe and her co-workers try to find out who sabotaged a wedding at an exclusive country club by making the lawn sprinklers turn on at an inappropriate time. Personally, Zoe has to deal with the sudden re-appearance of her nieces' and nephew's deadbeat dad after a 7-year absence.

  • S01E06 Dead Again

    • September 13, 2003
    • Lifetime

    Though fearful of a forthcoming performance evaluation by her boss, Zoe must unravel the life of a man just found dead of a heart attack, who was supposed to have died three years earlier in a boating accident.

  • S01E07 The Cheese Stands Alone

    • September 27, 2003
    • Lifetime

    When the client database of an online dating service is wiped out, Zoe goes undercover to determine whether or not it was an accident. Marcos asks Zoe to spend the weekend at a remote cabin with him, but she initially refuses because she thinks that this would set a bad example for Taylor. Then when Zoe decides to tell Marcos that she has changed her mind, she finds that he has already made plans to go with someone else.

  • S01E08 No Bull

    • October 4, 2003
    • Lifetime

    Zoe and Dan are forced to share a motel room when they look into the death of a farmer's prize bull.

  • S01E09 Mimi's Assets

    • October 18, 2003
    • Lifetime

    When a fog machine at a strip club explodes and causes the death of a dancer, Zoe goes undercover as a bartender to determine if the explosion and resulting fire were just accidents. But is she good enough to fool Mimi, the savvy club owner? Meanwhile, back at the office, Sophia becomes frustrated when she is overlooked for a promotion. And at home, Taylor must choose between love and loyalty when Julian, the neighbor boy, starts flirting with her even though he is dating Taylor's best friend Carla.

  • S01E10 Spooked

    • October 25, 2003
    • Lifetime

    Zoe investigates a house that may have been vandalized by ghosts. Meanwhile Zoe is in over her head with all of the Halloween craziness with her nephew and nieces.

  • S01E11 Sand Trap

    • November 8, 2003
    • Lifetime

    Dan takes up a job at a spa when people there gets sick from a pesticide in the mud. Taylor gets an F on her essay, and learns she has a learning disability. Meanwhile Zoe wonders why Sophia has been avoiding her after she gets promoted.

  • S01E12 Black Sheep

    • November 15, 2003
    • Lifetime

    Zoe and Dan investigates a man who crashes his car into his house and almost hits his wife. Meanwhile Taylor tries to run away with Ryder, when she learns her father came to see them but Zoe didn't let him see them.

  • S01E13 Bullet Proof

    • December 6, 2003
    • Lifetime

    Zoe closes a claim for Dan and winds up getting shot when she walks in on a burglary. Her co-workers try their best to find the person that shot her.

  • S01E14 Backstabbed

    • December 13, 2003
    • Lifetime

    When a contestant on a reality show dies, Zoe auditions to be on the shows upcoming season. Everyone from the crew members to the competitors is a suspect.

  • S01E15 Auntie Venom

    • January 3, 2004
    • Lifetime

    Zoe disguises herself as a cruise ship singer to find out how a woman died from a venomous snakebite while on the ship. She soon discovers a boatfull of suspects.

  • S01E16 Block Party

    • January 10, 2004
    • Lifetime

    Zoe and Dan snoop around when they here four burglary claim and each one of the residents is hiding a secret they might just help crack the case. Zoe starts to fall for the carpenter that comes and does the houses.

  • S01E17 Candy Land

    • January 17, 2004
    • Lifetime

    Dan and Zoe (who brings Taylor, Cliff, and Hannah) go up to a ski lodge to investigate why a snowboarding competition was postponed because of frozen pipes. Dan starts going out with Zoe's bestfriend Candy, and it looks like Zoe might be a little jealous that Dan likes Candy. Meanwhile Zoe has Julian water her plants while her and the kids are up at the ski lodge. When Taylor has Julian go over to Ryder's house to find out why Ryder hasn't been returning her calls, Julian tells her that Ryder moved back to Columbus, and now Taylor is willing to do anything to make him come back.

  • S01E18 Queen Bee

    • January 24, 2004
    • Lifetime

    When the host of a popular children's TV show gets blackmailed its up to Zoe, Sophia, and Dan to find out who the blackmailer is. Taylor travels to Columbus to get Ryder back only to find out he hooked back up with his ex-girlfriend. Dan and Candi break up after she realizes Dan has feelings for Zoe, so Candi decides to move back to Las Vegas. Dan trys to tell Zoe how he feels about her, but instead he kisses her on the elevator. Zoe meets Marcos at the restaurant after her and Dan's kiss and tries to tell him about it, but when she tries, she finds a ring in her glass and Marcos proposes to her.

Season 2

  • S02E01 A Felony for Melanie

    • July 11, 2004
    • Lifetime

    Melanie St. John, an old friend of Zoey's is suspected of murdering her estranged husband Robert. Zoe and Dan are assigned to work on the case and find that there are many more suspects including a son-in-law who had a suspicious relationship with his father. Zoe and Dan are sprayed with a fire extinguisher when they interrupt a burglary in progress at Robert's house. Taylor gets a job as a waitress in a mama and papa restaurant and begins flirting with a waiter who also works there.

  • S02E02 Dr. Sidney Loses a Kidney

    • July 18, 2004
    • Lifetime

    A kidney is stolen from a nurse on an elevator who is delivering it for a surgery. While searching for the kidney, Zoe and Dan try to expose a man they suspect of faking disabilities. Zoey's car is stolen with Hannah's volcano science project in it! Zoey must get her car back with Hannah's volcano before Hannah finds out it is missing as well as find the kidney and save the patient's life.

  • S02E03 Sniper Shot, Intern Hot

    • July 25, 2004
    • Lifetime

    M's ex-husband Graham decides to run for mayor and Taylor decides to work on his campaign team. At a campaign rally, a bullet that evidently was intended for him hits Taylor's friend and she is rushed to a hospital. Due to some excellent ""Zoeyism"", a secret affair and the many clues required to figure out who is behind the attempted murder are found. Also, Dan is concerned when he suspects a campaign worker of flirting with Taylor.

  • S02E04 Roses are Red, Violets are Busiek

    • August 1, 2004
    • Lifetime

    Zoey finds out that her boyfriend is married and angrily breaks up with him. The next day he is found murdered and Zoe is suspected of murdering him! Zoey finds out from her bank that her identity has been stolen by a woman resembling her who has been using Zoe's name. Taylor, Cliff, and Hannah are delighted when a large expensive boat is delivered to their house while Taylor is furthur excited when Dan buys an expensive lightbulb for her fundraiser.

  • S02E05 Bound and Gagged, Your Husband Was Snagged

    • August 8, 2004
    • Lifetime

    Zoe and M attend a fashion show. Zoey witnesses a famous designer being kidnapped. There is no shortage of suspects from a cheating wife to a rival designer. When the ransom money is captured by the kidnapper, Zoe and Dan must find the designer and get M's money back or they could lose their jobs! Also, Taylor, Cliff, and Hannah are forced to give their messy house an extreme makeover and face some difficulties.

  • S02E06 Wham Bam, Thank You Dan

    • August 15, 2004
    • Lifetime

    Dan goes a bit too undercover when he is assigned to find out when and where upcoming jewelry robberies are to take place. Small-time robber Carmen romances Dan while Zoey and M begin to wonder if he is purposely misleading them and returning to his criminal past when a robbery takes place at a different jewelry store than the one he told them it would. Zoey is annoyed by an unattractive man at a bar. Taylor and Zoey are in serious trouble when a friend of Taylor's who is illegally enrolled in Taylor's high school under their address gets in a fight with another boy who sues him.

  • S02E07 Slam Dunk Funk

    • August 22, 2004
    • Lifetime

    A professional basketball player wakes up from a hangover and sees a dead woman's body on his bed. Fearing his freedom, he flees while a sports reporter records his every move. His agent hires Zoe, Dan, and M. to find the basketball player and clear him of all charges. A competitive rival, a jealous wife, crazy fans, and the athlete himself round out the suspects in the murder.

  • S02E08 Die, Die, Who Am I?

    • September 26, 2004
    • Lifetime

    A man who narrowly misses getting hit by a bus suddenly realizes that he has no idea where he is and who he is. He hires Zoe and Dan to find out his identity. After narrowly escaping severe injury or death several more times, Zoe and Dan are convinced a hit man is after the man; who is convinced that his name is Brad Pitt and that he has a sister named Mary. Amazingly, Zoe and Dan are able to locate his girlfriend, who is very upset at him for some reason. They must convince the angry woman to reveal his identity. Meanwhile, Hannah practices for a flute recital and M., Zoe, and Dan are annoyed by a new tenant in their office building.

  • S02E09 Premonition Mission

    • October 3, 2004
    • Lifetime

    Zoey and Dan try to find out if a medical researcher who was locked in a room filled with hydrogen gas was murdered or if the incident was an accident. A psychic who claims to be receiving messages helps them and eerily is able to give them clues to the mystery. Meanwhile, Zoey bids on a silver dollar on an online auction and is frustrated when another bidder keeps topping her bids. Also, Hannah asks the psychic if she can talk to her mom.

  • S02E10 Bada Bing, Bada Busiek

    • October 10, 2004
    • Lifetime

    The wife of a mob boss hires Zoe to find her daughter. An overprotective police officer refuses to let them see the case files so they seek professional help. Dan goes undercover and faces some difficulties. The team is threatened by the mob boss to back off the case. They learn that the girl may not really be missing and that some people may be lying. Meanwhile, Dan tries to help Cliff become less arrogant and delusional after he flirts with one of his teachers.

  • S02E11 Tick Tock, Writer's Block

    • October 17, 2004
    • Lifetime

    A mystery author murders her greedy cousin. Then she hires M., Zoe, & Dan to prove that his death (which is assumed to be suicide) was murder. Greedy relatives wishing to inherit are murdered one by one and the writer frames a likely suspect. Meanwhile, Hannah (with the help of Taylor and Cliff) avoids going to her "Firefly" sessions.

  • S02E12 Blind in a Bind

    • October 24, 2004
    • Lifetime

    A blind radio star with strong opinions about politics and corruption is attacked while he is on the air. Zoe, Dan, & M. figure out that he is being attacked because he is accusing a large company of corrupting its employees. When a witness is in a terrible accident, the detectives know that something must be done! Meanwhile, Cliff makes a video documentary of Zoey.

  • S02E13 Russian Missus Gets No Kisses

    • June 11, 2005
    • Lifetime

    When Zoe and Dan are left stranded on a bridge when Dan's convertible runs out of gas, a woman hands them a baby and jumps off the bridge. Zoe and Dan grow attached to the baby and are determined to figure out what caused the mother to jump to her death. Her fiance reveals that she was a mail-order bride and Zoe and Dan go undercover to investigate the shocking world of wives for sale.

  • S02E14 See Ya Later, Investigator

    • June 18, 2005
    • Lifetime

    As Zoe, Dan, M., and their co-workers get ready to leave work for the day, a woman gets off the elevator on their floor and holds them hostage at gunpoint. Zoe recognizes her as the mother of a recently convicted murderer whom the team had helped convict. The woman reveals that somebody at M. Pearl McGuire Investigations contacted her claiming to have evidence that would prove her son was innocent and that she was supposed to bring $25,000 to buy the evidence. M. is determined to find the blackmailer and nobody is above suspicion! Meanwhile, M. is nominated for Businessperson of the Year and Dan's father comes for a visit while back at the Busiek house, Hannah has a friend over while Taylor works on a paper with a boy who has a bad reputation.

  • S02E15 A Whisper From Zoe's Sister

    • June 25, 2005
    • Lifetime

    As the anniversary of Zoe's sister's death grows nears, Zoe begins seeing her sister and talking to her while remembering the good and the bad times they had together while helping Taylor and Hannah cope with the painful time. Meanwhile, Zoe, Dan, and M. investigate a robbery at a fertility clinic and must work with a flighty and not-so-helpful witness to catch the thief.

  • S02E16 Multiple Personality Fatality

    • July 2, 2005
    • Lifetime

    Zoe's ex-boyfriend from Las Vegas, a famous piano player, shows up in Chicago and asks her to find a "thief" who's been breaking into his house and giving him half-eaten sandwiches and clothes. Meanwhile, a greedy lawyer falls through a window while showing off his bravery to potential employees. When a video camera reveals that Zoe's ex-boyfriend was on the same floor as the lawyer that same day, she must find out if he has anything to do with the apparent accident.

  • S02E17 My Boyfriend is an Axe Murderer

    • July 9, 2005
    • Lifetime

    Zoey has back problems and M. insists that she goes to see her chiropractor. Once there, she's attended to by an attractive doctor around her age and the two hit it off. Dan, meanwhile, must work with a bounty hunter to locate a man who viciously murdered his wife and her attraction to him isn't reciprocated.

  • S02E18 Zoe's Phony Matrimony

    • July 16, 2005
    • Lifetime

    In the series finale, Zoe and Dan go undercover as a soon-to-be-married couple to catch Leo's sister's murderer, who is a wedding planner. As they struggle to keep their cover, Zoe discovers an offensive item in Dan's suitcase and nearly calls off the "wedding". Meanwhile, Leo isn't afraid to break the rules to nab the killer. Taylor, Hannah, and Cliff are convinced that Zoe has eloped with Dan when they overhear a phone conversation. In the end, an emotional wedding leaves Zoe and Dan in a sticky situtation.