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Set in the near future (2122), Medabots revolves around the super-charged battling adventures of a group of kids and their unique, high performance pet robots (a.k.a. Medabots). Fueled with artificial intelligence and a specialized arsenal of unique interchangable weapons, Medabots compete against each other in exciting Robattles. However, after the world robattle has ended a new robot group, known as Kilobots, has appeared and begun taking the fun out of robattles, because they play by no rules. How will this affect the World Robattle Championships held every four years?

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First Aired: September 1, 2001
Air Day:
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Runtime: 30 minutes
Network: TV Tokyo
Genre: Action


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Samantha Reynolds

as Ikki Tenryou
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Joseph Motiki

as Metabee
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Lisa Yamanaka

as Arika Amazake (First Two Seasons)
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