Expedition Unknown

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Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Raw & Unfiltered2015-11-11 
2Most Dangerous Moments2015-11-25 
3Extra Finds: Secrets of Christopher Columbus2015-12-09 
4Legends: The Real Lewis and Clark2015-12-30 
5Weird, Wild and Off the Rails2016-01-20 
6Columbus: Legend or Liar?2016-02-17 
7What to Know Before You Go2016-02-24 
8Most Extreme Adventures2016-03-16 
9Global Game Show2016-03-23 
10Extra Finds: Captain Morgan's Lost Gold2016-03-30 
11Extra Finds: Temple of Doom2016-04-06 
12Extra Finds: Secrets of the Nazca2016-04-13 
13Extra Finds: Mayan Apocalypse2016-04-20 
14Extra Finds: Amelia Earhart2016-04-27 
15Extra Finds: Samurai Sword of Power2016-05-04 
16Extra Finds: Code to Gold2016-05-11 
17Extra Finds: City of Gold2016-05-18 
18Extra Finds: Curse of the Golden Bell2016-05-25 
19A Day in the Life2016-06-29 
20Extra Finds: Secrets of Shangri-La2016-07-06 
21Extra Finds: Viking Sunstone 2016-07-13 
22Extra Finds: The Legend of Jesse James 2016-07-20 
23Extra Finds: World's 8th Wonder2016-07-27 
24Insider's Guide: Secrets of Shangri-La2016-08-17 
25Insider's Guide: Genghis Khan's Tomb2016-08-24 
26Insider's Guide: Japan's Atlantis 2016-08-31 
27Insider's Guide: Columbus: Legend or Liar?2016-09-07 
28Nazi Secrets Revealed 2016-09-14 
29Hunt for the Yeti: Return of the Yeti2016-10-05
30Hunt for the Yeti: The Monster and the Mountain2016-10-12
31Hunt for the Yeti: Out of Thin Air2016-10-19
32Hunt for the Yeti: Unmasking the Myth2016-10-26
33Further Off the Rails!2016-11-30 
34Greatest Treasure Hunts2016-12-07
35Insider's Guide: Secret Safari2016-08-03 
36More Extreme Adventures2016-12-14 
37Global Game Show: Greek Odyssey2017-02-01 
38Global Game Show: Without Borders2017-02-08 
39Global Game Show: Aussie Adventure2017-02-15 
40Extra Finds: The Quest for King Arthur2017-03-29 
41Extra Finds: The Real Robin Hood2017-04-05 
42Extra Finds: True Cross of Christ2017-04-12 
43Extra Finds: Blackbeard's Hidden Gold2017-04-19 
44Extra Finds: Finding Fenn's Fortune2017-04-26 
45Extra Finds: Hunting Vampires2017-05-03 
46Extra Finds: The Sultan's Heart2017-05-10 
47Extra Finds: Nazi Secrets Revealed2017-05-17 
48Extra Finds: Africa's Gold Hoard2017-05-24 
49Hunt for the Yeti: Extra Finds: The Monster and the Mountain2017-05-26 
50Resurrecting the Woolly Mammoth2017-06-21 
51Daring Discoveries!2017-06-28 
52Beyond Extreme Adventures!2017-07-05 
53Over the Edge2017-07-12 
54Extra Finds: Lost Mexican City2017-07-19 
55Extra Finds: Incan King's Mummy2017-07-26 
56Extra Finds: Yamashita's Gold2017-08-02 
57Extra Finds: Kalahari Desert's Lost City2017-08-09 
58Extra Finds: Lost Spanish Fortune, Found!2017-08-16 
59Global Game Show: American Legends2017-09-06 
60Global Game Show: Heroes and Villains2017-09-13 
61Global Game Show: Lost Civilizations2017-09-20 
62Global Game Show: Hidden Treasures2017-09-28 
63Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Close Encounters2017-10-04
64Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Close Encounters - The Debrief2017-10-04
65Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Ancient Visitors2017-10-11 
66Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Ancient Visitors - The Debrief2017-10-11
67Hunt for Extraterrestrials: UFOs Over England2017-10-18 
68Hunt for Extraterrestrials: UFOs Over England - The Debrief2017-10-18
69Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Roswell Revealed2017-10-25 
70Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Roswell Revealed - The Debrief2017-10-25
71Josh's Favorite Things2017-12-06 
72Fact or Fiction2017-12-13 
73Win, Lose or Wipeout!2017-12-20 
74After the Hunt: More Secrets of Egypt2018-02-07 
75After the Hunt: Unmasked the Queens of Egypt2018-02-14 
76Global Game Show: Out of this World2018-02-21 

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