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John Ritter

John Ritter beat out 50 people, including a young Billy Crystal, to get a major role. The first pilot was trashed, and in order for it to be improved, Joyce DeWitt, an unknown actress, played the role of "Janet Wood", along with Suze Lanier-Bramlett as the dumb blonde, "Chrissy Snow". It did better than the first pilot, but the producers still needed a change and Suzanne Somers came to the show at the very last minute to play "Chrissy". The series, Three's Company (1976), was born. When it debut



Other Movies

Movie Year Type
Strong Kids, Safe Kids 1984 Guest Star
Poochinski 1990 Producer

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
King of the Hill Stressed for Success May 2, 2004 Guest Star
King of the Hill The Witches of East Arlen May 18, 2003 Guest Star
MADtv Episode #803 September 28, 2002 Guest Star
Scrubs My Old Man April 9, 2002 Guest Star
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Monogamy January 4, 2002 Guest Star
Tucker Homewrecker for the Holidays March 6, 2001 Guest Star
T.V. Funhouse Chinese New Years Day January 24, 2001 Guest Star
King of the Hill What Makes Bobby Run? December 10, 2000 Guest Star
Saturday Night Live Calista Flockhart/Ricky Martin November 11, 2000 Guest Star
Family Law Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law May 8, 2000 Guest Star
Batman Beyond The Last Resort March 4, 2000 Guest Star
Chicago Hope Simon Sez February 24, 2000 Guest Star
E! True Hollywood Story Dorothy Stratten January 16, 2000 Guest Star
Touched by an Angel Black Like Monica May 2, 1999 Guest Star
E! True Hollywood Story Three's Company December 27, 1998 Guest Star
Ally McBeal Story of Love October 26, 1998 Guest Star
Ally McBeal It's My Party October 19, 1998 Guest Star
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Ted December 8, 1997 Guest Star
King of the Hill The Son That Got Away November 23, 1997 Guest Star
Over the Top The Nemesis November 4, 1997 Guest Star
Touched by an Angel Random Acts September 22, 1996 Guest Star
Wings Love Overboard May 14, 1996 Guest Star
NewsRadio The Shrink November 7, 1995 Guest Star
Dave's World The Accidental Tourists February 20, 1995 Guest Star
Dave's World A Room With a View September 26, 1994 Guest Star
The Larry Sanders Show The Fourteenth Floor September 21, 1994 Guest Star
The Larry Sanders Show Off Camera September 15, 1993 Guest Star
The Cosby Show Total Control January 31, 1991 Guest Star
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Jay Leno (guest host), John Ritter, Larry Miller, Frank Bruno February 6, 1989 Guest Star
Life with Lucy Lucy Makes a Hit with John Ritter September 27, 1986 Guest Star
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson John Ritter, Jimmy Aleck, Robyn Douglass March 2, 1984 Guest Star
The Associates (1979) The Censors April 10, 1980 Guest Star
The Ropers The Party September 15, 1979 Guest Star
The Love Boat Oh, Dale!/The Main Event/A Tasteful Affair October 1, 1977 Guest Star
Rhoda Attack on Mr. Right January 12, 1976 Guest Star
Starsky & Hutch The Hostages January 7, 1976 Guest Star
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Ted's Wedding November 8, 1975 Guest Star
The Streets of San Francisco Murder by Proxy October 23, 1975 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones The Price of Terror October 10, 1975 Guest Star
Petrocelli Chain of Command October 8, 1975 Guest Star
Mannix Hardball April 13, 1975 Guest Star
Rhoda Chest Pains February 3, 1975 Guest Star
The Bob Newhart Show Sorry, Wrong Mother October 12, 1974 Guest Star
M*A*S*H Deal Me Out December 8, 1973 Guest Star
Hawaii Five-O Two Doves And Mr. Heron October 12, 1971 Guest Star
Dan August Quadrangle for Death December 16, 1970 Guest Star
The Ellen Show Gathering Moss (a.k.a. The Flood, a.k.a. For God's Sake) January 1, 1970 Guest Star