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Robert F. Simon



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Quincy, M.E. Expert in Murder March 31, 1982 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. The Golden Hour November 4, 1981 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. Sweet Land of Liberty October 25, 1979 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. Death Casts a Vote October 21, 1977 Guest Star
The Feather And Father Gang The People's Choice March 21, 1977 Guest Star
Good Heavens I Want Nancy! March 22, 1976 Guest Star
McMillan and Wife Point of Law March 7, 1976 Guest Star
The Streets of San Francisco Underground January 29, 1976 Guest Star
McCloud Our Man in the Harem January 11, 1976 Guest Star
Cannon A Touch of Venom October 22, 1975 Guest Star
Ellery Queen The Adventure of the Chinese Dog September 25, 1975 Guest Star
Columbo Forgotten Lady September 14, 1975 Guest Star
Hawaii Five-O Computer Killer January 14, 1975 Guest Star
The Six Million Dollar Man The Pioneers September 20, 1974 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones Venus as in Flytrap January 6, 1974 Guest Star
M*A*S*H Officers Only December 22, 1973 Guest Star
M*A*S*H The Incubator December 1, 1973 Guest Star
M*A*S*H The Trial of Henry Blake November 3, 1973 Guest Star
McCloud Butch Cassidy Rides Again October 14, 1973 Guest Star
Bewitched Samantha and the Antique Doll April 22, 1971 Guest Star
The Guns of Will Sonnett The Man Who Killed Jim Sonnett March 21, 1969 Guest Star
The Andy Griffith Show Opie's Drugstore Job January 15, 1968 Guest Star
Bewitched It's Wishcraft March 30, 1967 Guest Star
Gunsmoke The Mission October 8, 1966 Guest Star
Bewitched The Dancing Bear February 10, 1966 Guest Star
Get Smart All in the Mind February 5, 1966 Guest Star
Bewitched Samantha Meets the Folks January 27, 1966 Guest Star
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea The Deadliest Game November 7, 1965 Guest Star
Slattery's People A Sitting Duck Named Slattery September 17, 1965 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Song for Dying February 13, 1965 Guest Star
Bewitched A Nice Little Dinner Party January 28, 1965 Guest Star
Bewitched Samantha Meets the Folks December 17, 1964 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Jonah Hutchinson November 21, 1964 Guest Star
Daniel Boone Ken-Tuck-E September 24, 1964 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Father Love March 14, 1964 Guest Star
The Outer Limits The Zanti Misfits December 30, 1963 Guest Star
77 Sunset Strip The Fumble December 13, 1963 Guest Star
The Greatest Show on Earth Lady in Limbo December 10, 1963 Guest Star
The Fugitive Decision in the Ring October 22, 1963 Guest Star
The Dakotas Trial At Grand Forks March 25, 1963 Guest Star
The Twilight Zone No Time Like the Past March 7, 1963 Guest Star
Perry Mason The Case of the Two-Faced Turn-A-Bout February 14, 1963 Guest Star
Wagon Train The Caroline Casteel Story September 26, 1962 Guest Star
Rawhide House of the Hunter April 20, 1962 Guest Star
Cain's Hundred Inside Track April 10, 1962 Guest Star
Have Gun, Will Travel One, Two, Three February 17, 1962 Guest Star
Target: The Corruptors Bite of a Tiger November 3, 1961 Guest Star
Route 66 Once to Every Man October 27, 1961 Guest Star
Sea Hunt Starting Signal September 2, 1961 Guest Star
Lawman Conditional Surrender May 28, 1961 Guest Star
Sea Hunt Expedition April 8, 1961 Guest Star
The Untouchables The Big Train (1) January 5, 1961 Guest Star
Bat Masterson Death by Decree December 22, 1960 Guest Star
The June Allyson Show Emergency December 8, 1960 Guest Star
Route 66 Ten Drops of Water November 11, 1960 Guest Star
Dante Opening Night October 10, 1960 Guest Star
Stagecoach West High Lonesome October 4, 1960 Guest Star
Tate Stopover June 15, 1960 Guest Star
Have Gun, Will Travel The Trial June 11, 1960 Guest Star
Tombstone Territory The Return of Kansas Joe May 27, 1960 Guest Star
Perry Mason The Case of the Slandered Submarine May 14, 1960 Guest Star
Tombstone Territory The Governor April 15, 1960 Guest Star
The Texan The Guilty And The Innocent March 28, 1960 Guest Star
Lock-Up His Father's Footsteps January 16, 1960 Guest Star
Rawhide Incident at Red River Station January 15, 1960 Guest Star
Johnny Ringo Kid With A Gun December 24, 1959 Guest Star
Law of the Plainsman The Gibbet November 26, 1959 Guest Star
Cheyenne Prisoner of Moon Mesa November 16, 1959 Guest Star
Black Saddle The Saddle October 9, 1959 Guest Star
Adventures in Paradise The Pit of Silence October 5, 1959 Guest Star
Man Without a Gun Aftermath August 24, 1959 Guest Star
U.S. Border Patrol The Pious Patsy July 24, 1959 Guest Star
Lawman The Friend June 28, 1959 Guest Star
Peter Gunn Bullet for a Badge May 18, 1959 Guest Star
The Texan Reunion May 4, 1959 Guest Star
Zane Grey Theater Make It Look Good February 5, 1959 Guest Star
Steve Canyon Pilot Error December 13, 1958 Guest Star
Gunsmoke The Cast December 6, 1958 Guest Star
Have Gun, Will Travel Young Gun November 8, 1958 Guest Star
Elfego Baca Four Down and Five Lives to Go October 17, 1958 Guest Star
Wagon Train The Juan Ortega Story October 8, 1958 Guest Star
Elfego Baca The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca October 3, 1958 Guest Star
Perry Mason The Case of the Desperate Daughter March 22, 1958 Guest Star
M Squad The Alibi Witness December 6, 1957 Guest Star
Have Gun, Will Travel The Colonel and the Lady November 23, 1957 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Potato Road October 12, 1957 Guest Star
Playhouse 90 Winter Dreams May 23, 1957 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Cheap Labor May 4, 1957 Guest Star
Cheyenne Born Bad March 26, 1957 Guest Star
Playhouse 90 The Last Tycoon March 14, 1957 Guest Star
Broken Arrow Ghost Face March 12, 1957 Guest Star
State Trooper Nevada Boy, Pride and Joy December 18, 1956 Guest Star
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Guilty Witness December 11, 1955 Guest Star
Science Fiction Theatre The Brain of John Emerson May 21, 1955 Guest Star