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Harry Morgan

Harry Morgan was a prolific character actor who starred in over 100 films and was a stage performer. Known to a younger generation of fans as "Col. Sherman T. Potter" on M*A*S*H (1972). Also known for his commanding personality throughout his career, he tackled movies and television in a way no other actor would do it.




Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
It's My Shout: Short Films from Wales That's What I 'Eard September 13, 2018 Guest Star
3rd Rock from the Sun Sensitive Dick April 27, 1997 Guest Star
3rd Rock from the Sun Much Ado About Dick October 13, 1996 Guest Star
3rd Rock from the Sun Selfish Dick May 14, 1996 Guest Star
Grace Under Fire Head Games March 20, 1996 Guest Star
The Simpsons Mother Simpson November 19, 1995 Guest Star
The Jeff Foxworthy Show Jeff & Ray & Rascal's Big Adventure November 4, 1995 Guest Star
The Twilight Zone (1985) The Curious Case of Edgar Witherspoon September 24, 1988 Guest Star
Murder, She Wrote The Days Dwindle Down April 19, 1987 Guest Star
M*A*S*H U.N., the Night and the Music January 3, 1983 Director
M*A*S*H Who Knew? November 22, 1982 Director
M*A*S*H Blood Brothers April 6, 1981 Director
M*A*S*H Tell it To the Marines January 12, 1981 Director
The Wild Wild West More Wild Wild West October 7, 1980 Guest Star
M*A*S*H Stars and Stripes December 17, 1979 Director
The Wild Wild West The Wild Wild West Revisited May 9, 1979 Guest Star
M*A*S*H Rally Round the Flagg, Boys February 14, 1979 Director
The Love Boat Taking Sides/A Friendly Little Game/Going by the Book February 18, 1978 Guest Star
M*A*S*H Patent 4077 January 10, 1978 Director
M*A*S*H End Run January 25, 1977 Director
M*A*S*H The Novocaine Mutiny January 27, 1976 Director
Gunsmoke Brides and Grooms February 10, 1975 Guest Star
Gunsmoke The Wiving October 14, 1974 Guest Star
M*A*S*H The General Flipped at Dawn September 10, 1974 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Milligan November 6, 1972 Guest Star
Night Gallery The Late Mr. Peddington January 12, 1972 Guest Star
Ellery Queen Ellery Queen: Don't Look Behind You (Original Unsold Pilot) November 19, 1971 Guest Star
Gunsmoke The Witness November 23, 1970 Guest Star
Adam-12 Log 051: A Jumper - Code Two February 15, 1969 Director
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The World's Oldest Motive April 12, 1965 Director
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Who Needs an Enemy? May 15, 1964 Director
The Richard Boone Show Where do You Hide an Egg? October 15, 1963 Guest Star
The Richard Boone Show Wall to War War October 8, 1963 Guest Star
The Richard Boone Show Statement Of Fact September 24, 1963 Guest Star
The Virginian Strangers at Sundown April 3, 1963 Guest Star
Have Gun, Will Travel American Primitive February 2, 1963 Guest Star
The Untouchables Doublecross December 18, 1962 Guest Star
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Anniversary Gift November 1, 1959 Guest Star
Have Gun, Will Travel A Snare for Murder November 22, 1958 Guest Star
Love & Money Career Daze January 1, 1970 Guest Star