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Craig Stevens



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Deadly Mantis February 22, 1997 Guest Star
Supercarrier Deadly Enemies - pilot (1) March 6, 1988 Guest Star
Murder, She Wrote Powder Keg February 9, 1986 Guest Star
Hotel Pathways October 16, 1985 Guest Star
Hotel Crossroads January 30, 1985 Guest Star
Hotel The Offer December 7, 1983 Guest Star
Happy Days Hello, Pfisters January 4, 1983 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. When Luck Ran Out January 20, 1982 Guest Star
Dallas Ewing vs. Ewing April 3, 1981 Guest Star
B.J. and the Bear The Girls on the Hollywood High February 23, 1980 Guest Star
The Incredible Hulk Rainbow's End October 13, 1978 Guest Star
Police Woman Sweet Kathleen March 15, 1978 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. Tissue of Truth October 28, 1977 Guest Star
Starsky & Hutch Starsky & Hutch on Playboy Island (a.k.a. Murder on Voodoo Island) (1) September 17, 1977 Guest Star
The Love Boat The Love Boat II - Unfaithfully Yours/Here's Looking at You, Love/The Heckler/Once in Love with Sandy January 21, 1977 Guest Star
Ellery Queen The Adventure of the Lover's Leap September 18, 1975 Guest Star
Harry O Forty Reasons to Kill (2) December 12, 1974 Guest Star
Harry O Forty Reasons to Kill (1) December 5, 1974 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Trail of Bloodshed March 1, 1974 Guest Star
Faraday and Company Say Hello to a Dead Man September 26, 1973 Guest Star
Search The Clayton Lewis Document February 14, 1973 Guest Star
Alias Smith and Jones Miracle at Santa Marta December 30, 1971 Guest Star
My Three Sons The Return of Albert October 3, 1970 Guest Star
My World and Welcome to It Monroe the Mysogynist March 2, 1970 Guest Star
McCloud Portrait of a Dead Girl (aka Who Killed Miss U.S.A.?) February 17, 1970 Guest Star
I've Got a Secret Craig Stevens May 27, 1959 Guest Star
State Trooper The Winnemucca Weskit July 21, 1958 Guest Star
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Deadly December 15, 1957 Guest Star
State Trooper The Talking Corpse December 1, 1957 Guest Star
The Silent Service Boomerang May 29, 1957 Guest Star
State Trooper One Way to Tahoe December 26, 1956 Guest Star
The Loretta Young Show Girl on a Flagpole October 11, 1953 Guest Star
The Bigelow Theatre The Honeymoon is Over September 13, 1951 Guest Star
The Lone Ranger Bullets for Ballots May 11, 1950 Guest Star