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Cindy Lu



Other Movies

Movie Year Type
Erin 2019 Producer
Try a Little Tendernsa 2017 Producer

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
House Insensitive February 13, 2007 Guest Star
Weeds Free Goat August 15, 2005 Guest Star
House Kids May 3, 2005 Guest Star
Joey Joey and the Road Trip December 2, 2004 Guest Star
Desperate Housewives Anything You Can Do November 21, 2004 Guest Star
The Handler Acts of Congress January 16, 2004 Guest Star
Frasier Murder Most Maris (2) November 11, 2003 Guest Star
The Bernie Mac Show Mac 101 March 27, 2002 Guest Star
The Bernie Mac Show The King and I January 30, 2002 Guest Star
Friends The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin April 19, 2001 Guest Star
Any Day Now Children Are The Most Important Thing March 11, 2001 Guest Star
Three Sisters My Birth and Welcome to It January 16, 2001 Guest Star
The King of Queens Big Dougie April 17, 2000 Guest Star
JAG The Bridge at Kang So Ri February 29, 2000 Guest Star
Snoops (1999) The Heartless Bitch October 24, 1999 Guest Star
Charmed The Painted World October 14, 1999 Guest Star
Melrose Place Suddenly Sperm December 14, 1998 Guest Star
Family Matters Grill of My Dreams January 9, 1998 Guest Star
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch To Tell a Mortal November 21, 1997 Guest Star
Seinfeld The Voice October 2, 1997 Guest Star
Northern Exposure Una Volta in L'Inverno March 7, 1994 Guest Star