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Terry Ingram

  • Gender Male


Other Movies

Movie Year Type
A Girl's Best Friend 2015 Director
The Building 2009 Director
The Mistletoe Secret 2019 Director
A Trace of Danger 2010 Director
A Trick of the Mind 2006 Director
All of My Heart: Inn Love 2017 Director
All of My Heart: The Wedding 2018 Director
All the Good Ones Are Married 2007 Director
Angel and the Badman 2009 Director
Anything for Love 2016 Director
Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: The Disappearing Game 2018 Director
Christmas Crash 2009 Director
Christmas Lodge 2011 Director
Chronicle Mysteries: The Wrong Man 2019 Director
Chupacabra vs. the Alamo 2013 Director
Concrete Canyons 2010 Director
Dead Over Heels: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery 2017 Director
Death Al Dente: A Gourmet Detective Mystery 2016 Director
Earthquake in New York 1998 Director
Finding Father Christmas 2016 Director
Hailey Dean Mystery: Deadly Estate 2017 Director
Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder, With Love 2016 Director
Hats Off to Christmas! 2013 Director
Ice Road Terror 2011 Director
Looks Like Christmas 2016 Director
Love on the Sidelines 2016 Director
Love Under the Stars 2015 Director
Marry Me at Christmas 2017 Director
Max Havoc: Ring of Fire 2006 Director
My Boyfriends' Dogs 2014 Director
Nightmare 2007 Director
Odysseus & the Isle of Mists 2008 Director
Paparazzi Princess: The Paris Hilton Story 2008 Director
Past Lies 2008 Director
Perfect Child 2007 Director
Phantom Racer 2009 Director
Profile for Murder 2013 Director
Reap What You Sew: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery 2018 Director
Stolen From The Womb 2014 Director
The Christmas Note 2015 Director
The Christmas Shepherd 2014 Director
The Good Mistress 2014 Director
The Julius House: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery 2016 Director
The Stranger Game 2006 Director
The Sweetest Christmas 2017 Director
The Wishing Tree 2012 Director
Ties that bind 2006 Director
'Tis the Season for Love 2015 Director
To Have and to Hold 2006 Director
Valentine in the Vineyard 2019 Director
Wish Upon a Christmas 2015 Director

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Chesapeake Shores Watercolors, Wishes, and Weddings September 29, 2019 Director
Chesapeake Shores All the Time in the World September 22, 2019 Director
Chesapeake Shores Leap of Faith September 1, 2019 Director
Chesapeake Shores The End Is Where We Begin August 25, 2019 Director
Chesapeake Shores All Our Tomorrows September 23, 2018 Director
Chesapeake Shores It's Just Business September 16, 2018 Director
Chesapeake Shores Once Upon Ever After August 26, 2018 Director
Chesapeake Shores The Rock Is Going To Roll August 19, 2018 Director
Morning Show Mysteries Mortal Mishaps January 21, 2018 Director
Chesapeake Shores It's Always Nashville August 27, 2017 Director
Chesapeake Shores Photographs and Memories August 20, 2017 Director
Gourmet Detective Mysteries Death Al Dente August 2, 2016 Director
Odyssey 5 Begotten October 1, 2004 Director
Strange Days at Blake Holsey High Nutrition January 17, 2004 Director
Strange Days at Blake Holsey High Technology December 13, 2003 Director
Mutant X The Hand of God November 10, 2003 Director
Playmakers Man In Motion September 30, 2003 Director
Relic Hunter Hunting with the Enemy February 4, 2002 Director
Mutant X Whiter Shade of Pale January 26, 2002 Director
Relic Hunter Incognito November 12, 2001 Director
Relic Hunter Star of Nadir October 22, 2001 Director
Doc Garbage In, Garbage Out October 14, 2001 Director
Queen of Swords The Dragon May 19, 2001 Director
Relic Hunter Three Rivers to Cross November 4, 2000 Director
Relic Hunter Fertile Ground October 21, 2000 Director
La Femme Nikita Up the Rabbit Hole (2) August 27, 2000 Director
Code Name: Eternity Never Go Home June 18, 2000 Director
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show Honey, I'm Spooked February 26, 2000 Director
Earth: Final Conflict In Memory November 29, 1999 Director
Amazon The Blood Angel November 20, 1999 Director
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show Honey, I'm Kung Fu Fighting November 6, 1999 Director
Amazon The Lost Words November 6, 1999 Director
Total Recall 2070 Assessment May 11, 1999 Director
Earth: Final Conflict Bliss April 12, 1999 Director
Total Recall 2070 Nothing Like the Real Thing January 19, 1999 Director
La Femme Nikita Old Habits July 12, 1998 Director
The Adventures of Sinbad A City Under Plague January 25, 1998 Director
The Adventures of Sinbad The Monster November 30, 1997 Director
The Adventures of Sinbad The Beast of Basra November 23, 1997 Director
The Adventures of Sinbad Isle of Bliss May 18, 1997 Director
The Adventures of Sinbad The Bully February 2, 1997 Director