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Kitty Swink



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Leverage The Juror #6 Job February 10, 2009 Guest Star
Crossing Jordan Isolation March 14, 2007 Guest Star
Joan of Arcadia No Future November 19, 2004 Guest Star
NYPD Blue The Vision Thing November 9, 2004 Guest Star
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation What's Eating Gilbert Grissom? November 4, 2004 Guest Star
The District Old Wounds November 2, 2002 Guest Star
Becker Talking Points March 18, 2002 Guest Star
JAG Ambush November 6, 2001 Guest Star
Judging Amy Last Tango in Hartford October 12, 1999 Guest Star
Chicago Hope Y'Gotta Have Heart September 30, 1999 Guest Star
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Tacking Into the Wind May 12, 1999 Guest Star
Providence Pilot January 8, 1999 Guest Star
Any Day Now Quit Bein' Such A Scaredy Cat December 15, 1998 Guest Star
Relativity Role Model December 14, 1996 Guest Star
Dream On Finale with a Vengeance (2) March 27, 1996 Guest Star
Babylon 5 Matters of Honor November 9, 1995 Guest Star
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Sanctuary November 28, 1993 Guest Star
Over My Dead Body If Looks Could Kill November 23, 1990 Guest Star
Designing Women They Shoot Fat Women, Don't They? December 11, 1989 Guest Star
Something Is Out There Night of the Visitors November 25, 1988 Guest Star
Total Security Wet Side Story January 1, 1970 Guest Star
Bull Blood, Flopsweat and Tears January 1, 1970 Guest Star
It's Like, You Know... Trading Places January 1, 1970 Guest Star