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Micole Mercurio


Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Commander In Chief The Price You Pay April 20, 2006 Guest Star
The Guardian Let's Spend the Night Together October 28, 2003 Guest Star
The Guardian The Divide March 12, 2002 Guest Star
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Identity Crisis January 17, 2002 Guest Star
Wasteland Thanks for Nothin' November 4, 1999 Guest Star
The Practice The Means November 8, 1997 Guest Star
Murder One Chapter Fourteen, Year Two May 25, 1997 Guest Star
Promised Land Downsized March 4, 1997 Guest Star
Chicago Hope Papa's Got a Brand New Bag September 30, 1996 Guest Star
ER The Right Thing February 8, 1996 Guest Star
Chicago Hope The Ethics of Hope November 27, 1995 Guest Star
Grace Under Fire Aging Gracefully January 31, 1995 Guest Star
The X-Files Roland May 6, 1994 Guest Star
NYPD Blue Steroid Roy February 8, 1994 Guest Star
Northern Exposure The Mystery of the Old Curio Shop September 27, 1993 Guest Star
The Commish Skeletons February 8, 1992 Guest Star
Empty Nest Drive, He Said March 16, 1991 Guest Star
Davis Rules Pomahac Day Massacre February 19, 1991 Guest Star
L.A. Law I'm in the Nude for Love January 12, 1989 Guest Star
Amen Into the Night February 21, 1987 Guest Star
Night Court Baby Talk January 15, 1987 Guest Star
Night Court Married Alive February 21, 1985 Guest Star
Mama's Family The Mama Who Came to Dinner December 22, 1983 Guest Star
St. Elsewhere Baron Von Munchausen April 19, 1983 Guest Star
T.J. Hooker Sweet Sixteen and Dead February 12, 1983 Guest Star
Hill Street Blues Officer of the Year October 28, 1982 Guest Star
Public Morals The Camel Cover January 1, 1970 Guest Star