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Arlen Dean Snyder




Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Quantum Leap Promised Land December 15, 1992 Guest Star
The Family Man The Boss's Daughter July 17, 1991 Guest Star
Murder, She Wrote Murder, Plain and Simple April 28, 1991 Guest Star
Hunter The Reporter January 30, 1991 Guest Star
Mancuso, FBI Little Saigon October 27, 1989 Guest Star
MacGyver The Secret of Parker House October 31, 1988 Guest Star
Eisenhower & Lutz Bud, Junior, Junior (1) April 25, 1988 Guest Star
Eisenhower & Lutz Blast from the Past April 18, 1988 Guest Star
Murder, She Wrote A Very Good Year for Murder February 28, 1988 Guest Star
Designing Women The Return of Ray Don February 1, 1988 Guest Star
St. Elsewhere After Life November 26, 1986 Guest Star
Designing Women Mary Jo's First Date November 3, 1986 Guest Star
Designing Women Designing Women September 29, 1986 Guest Star
It's a Living Amy Big Girl Now October 12, 1985 Guest Star
Magnum, P.I. Torah, Torah, Torah March 28, 1985 Guest Star
Scarecrow and Mrs. King A Relative Situation February 11, 1985 Guest Star
Remington Steele Tempered Steele October 8, 1982 Guest Star
Dynasty The Plea September 29, 1982 Guest Star
Bret Maverick The Rattlesnake Brigade April 27, 1982 Guest Star
Private Benjamin I Wonder Who's Blackballing Her Now? February 8, 1982 Guest Star
Today's FBI Spy January 10, 1982 Guest Star
Darkroom The Bogeyman Will Get You December 4, 1981 Guest Star
M*A*S*H Oh, How We Danced February 23, 1981 Guest Star
Flo The Reunion April 28, 1980 Guest Star
B.J. and the Bear B.J. and the Witch February 9, 1980 Guest Star