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Patrick Gorman



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Into the Dark A Nasty Piece of Work December 6, 2019 Guest Star
Sleepy Hollow Pittura Infamante January 19, 2015 Guest Star
Sleepy Hollow The Kindred September 29, 2014 Guest Star
Sleepy Hollow The Indispensable Man January 20, 2014 Guest Star
NCIS: Los Angeles Reznikov, N. October 15, 2013 Guest Star
Ghost Whisperer On the Wings of a Dove November 11, 2005 Guest Star
Alias Out of the Box October 27, 2005 Guest Star
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang Finds a Dead Guy September 8, 2005 Guest Star
The Drew Carey Show Drew's in a Coma (2) February 7, 2001 Guest Star
Prey Progeny July 2, 1998 Guest Star
Special Ops Force When the Hammer Falls January 31, 1998 Guest Star
TaleSpin From Here to Machinery September 10, 1990 Guest Star
Fame Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore May 11, 1987 Guest Star
MacGyver The Road Not Taken November 10, 1986 Guest Star
Manimal Illusion October 14, 1983 Guest Star
Happy Days The Duel March 13, 1979 Guest Star
The Bionic Woman Motorcycle Boogie November 5, 1977 Guest Star
Logan's Run Logan's Run September 16, 1977 Guest Star