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H. Jon Benjamin



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Binging with Babish Margaritas from Archer May 5, 2020 Guest Star
Star Trek: Short Treks The Trouble with Edward October 10, 2019 Guest Star
The Simpsons My Way or the Highway to Heaven October 14, 2018 Guest Star
Bob's Burgers Cheer Up, Sleepy Gene April 8, 2018 Writer
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Episode 125 April 1, 2018 Guest Star
The Burger Show Bob's Burgers Taste-Test with H. Jon Benjamin March 13, 2018 Guest Star
Bob's Burgers Secret Admiral-irer May 22, 2016 Writer
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Episode 70 May 8, 2016 Guest Star
Bob's Burgers The Land Ship October 11, 2015 Writer
Conan (2010) Norman Reedus, H. Jon Benjamin, Brandi Carlile March 3, 2015 Guest Star
CBeebies Bedtime Stories The Big Splash June 2, 2014 Writer
Nathan for You Yogurt Shop / Pizzeria February 28, 2013 Guest Star
Suburgatory Ryan's Song October 31, 2012 Guest Star
Ugly Americans Mark Loves Dick April 4, 2012 Guest Star
Conan (2010) Hug Me, Sighed the Porcupine July 25, 2011 Guest Star
Family Guy And Then There Were Fewer September 26, 2010 Guest Star
Paid Programming: Icelandic Ultra Blue Icelandic Ultra Blue November 3, 2009 Writer
Aqua Teen Hunger Force The Last Last One Forever and Ever May 31, 2009 Guest Star
Assy McGee Murder On The Midway April 27, 2008 Guest Star
Human Giant Hello, Susan May 17, 2007 Guest Star
The Venture Bros. I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills September 24, 2006 Guest Star
The Venture Bros. Escape to the House of Mummies (Part II) July 16, 2006 Guest Star
Family Guy Deep Throats April 9, 2006 Guest Star
Rescue Me Rebirth August 16, 2005 Guest Star
Aqua Teen Hunger Force The Last One December 31, 2003 Guest Star
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Broodwich November 2, 2003 Guest Star
VH1 Goes Inside Primetime Cartoons October 2, 2003 Guest Star
Home Movies Law and Boarder October 7, 2001 Director
Home Movies School Nurse September 30, 2001 Director
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Bus of the Undead September 30, 2001 Guest Star
Home Movies Method of Acting September 16, 2001 Director
Home Movies It Was Supposed to Be Funny September 9, 2001 Writer
Home Movies Director's Cut September 2, 2001 Writer
Space Ghost Coast to Coast King Dead December 17, 1999 Guest Star