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# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Jean the Cigarette-Peddler 01/10/2017
2 The Partner in Crime's Name Is Nino 01/17/2017
3 The Swirling Smoke of Rumors in the Castle 01/24/2017
4 Smoldering Embers in an Isolated Nation 01/31/2017
5 Overlapping Footprints in the Distance 02/07/2017
6 Where Pride and Train Tracks Lead 02/14/2017
7 The Truth Emerges in the Night Mists 02/21/2017
8 The Princess Who Spread Her Wings and the Friend Who Had a Duty 02/28/2017
9 A Graceful Black Adder Bears Its Fangs 03/07/2017
10 Starfall in a City Without a Sky 03/14/2017
11 Furawau's Flowers Smell of Malice 03/21/2017
12 Where the Bird Flies 03/28/2017


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