Baba Blue is picking shooting stars from the star tree in readiness for the star slinging later on. Rainbow confirms that he is top condition for it. While Bobo, Skydonk and Fuffa are playing tag, Baba Pink has finished polishing Sun and goes to enlist Rainbow's help to chase some rainclouds away. Baba Yellow also wants to get Rainbow to come to the Cloudy House so she can paint him. Both Baba Pink and Baba Yellow grab Rainbow's hands to pull him in their direction, but Rainbow gets in a knot. He can't sling any stars now. Baba Blue is very concerned and asks Baba Green for help but they can't find a way of replacing Rainbow. Without him, there will be no shooting stars in the sky. Baba Pink and Baba Yellow try a number of ways to untie Rainbow's knot but to no avail. Bobo is still playing tag and as he does so, Skydonk's tail tickles Rainbow. He starts to laugh and in doing so, his knot unravels. Back to top condition, he launches the shooting stars into the night sky.

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  • Episode Number 9
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  • Originally Aired Sunday, June 7, 2015
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