Barnabas and Willie search the bottem of Widow's Hill. Barnabas thinks Adam may still be alive, and if so he has to find him. Willie tells him that Adam has to be dead, and that his body must've been cast out to sea by the waves. Barnabas tells him to continue to search anyway. Willie says he wants to go to Collinwood to see Carolyn and tell her the dream. Barnabas tells him he can not go to Collinwood so the Dream Curse will not come to him. He then orders Willie to go, and Willie gives Barnabas a look of pure hatred. At Collinwood, Carolyn brushes her hair while some food lays by her. Elizabeth enters. Carolyn assures her that she is not afraid. Elizabeth tells her that the police say Adam is dead. She then asks if Adam hurt her. Carolyn tells her that he tried to be nice towards her in clumsy a child. Carolyn says she'll sleep, and Elizabeth exits. Willie enters through the window. Carolyn is sleeping, and is awakened by him. She starts screaming, but he covers her mouth.

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  • Episode Number 46
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  • Originally Aired Monday, June 3, 1968
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  • Directors
  • Writers Gordon Russell
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