Victor tells Brady and Maggie he doesn't want Melanie to marry a DiMera. Gabi tells Rafe to explain the bruise on his forehead and just how the other person is. Melanie realizes that Chad's proposal pretty much meant to keep her away from Nick. Hope gives Bo a terrific idea. Sami tells Lucas that Rafe and E.J.'s fight was not about her. Maggie stops Victor before he does something rash to Chad. Abe sees Theo talking with Nick, and goes over and tells him not to wander off. Kate brings up to Sami about some labor law violations over at Countess W, Rafe steps in and defends Sami. Brady meets with Chad and lets him know that he is rushing into this marriage. Melanie tells Nick they need to talk about everything.

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  • Originally Aired Thursday, September 20, 2012
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