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Season 1

  • S01E01 Rise and Go to War!

    • January 18, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    1995. Our Days. The ruins of a city devastated by war. Alien astronavi attacked Japan and brought misery everywhere.A handful of thugs, Tanosuke, Kento, Manabu and Jiro are earning a living at the local market.

  • S01E02 The Mysterious Third Robot

    • March 28, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    Kento and Dani face the Akron in the second battle where triumphants leave but a marching robot army based on Dr. Earl ready for revenge. The professor tells the boys about his exile of space, when he left the planet Helios invaded by Akron to take refuge in the Earth. He came to our planet in 1945 along with the Harlin prince whose traces are lost together with the robot lion made by the professor to face the enemy in the future.

  • S01E03 Arise, Space Lion

    • April 4, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    The enemies are preparing to finally invade the Earth; Meanwhile, the base is looking for a way to recover Beralios, the lion robot dispersed during the landing of Dr. Earl at World War II.

  • S01E04 Kento, Emperor of the Future

    • April 18, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    Kento, built his royal origin, settles in the imperial rooms of the base while his friends are confined to some secondary rooms, with remarkable envy towards his friend.Suddenly a gigantic statue of the Emperor Nishimura, grandfather of Kento, plunged into the city.

  • S01E05 The Unbreakable Bond of Seven

    • April 25, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    Dr. Earl puts pressure on Kento's friends to persuade Helios to live as he fits at the base and to face the necessary training.The boy, infuriated by the attitude of his comrades, decides to escape to retire to lonely life.

  • S01E06 Kamerotto Appears!

    • April 25, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    Dr. Earl supports Manabu's desire for knowledge, which together with Jiro and Tanosuke builds Gamerot, a sort of mechanical battle tortoise. Meanwhile, the Akron attacked with a ship deployment and a terrible mechanical monster.

  • S01E07 Kento Will Live How He Desires!

    • May 2, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    A military delegation goes to visit Dr. Earl's base in order to build an alliance against invading enemies. General Herman intentions are to put the installation under control and militarize the area to make it a garrison of the terrestrial army.

  • S01E08 I Want a Mother

    • May 9, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    A woman appears who want to adopt Ochame. Actually she is an Akron creature who have the directive of General Nesia to kidnap the girl.

  • S01E09 Jump, Jump, and then Cry

    • May 16, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    Jiro meet a boy who is looking for his mother. In his jealousy, he gives him false information. Thus the boys mother gets into the middle of a fight. Jiro apologizes and helps him to reunite with his mother.

  • S01E10 The Stone-Throwing Method of Anger

    • May 23, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    A group of motorcycle rowdys is attacking Sanae. Dani follows their tracks and meets his former cellmate turned gang leader, Saburo.

  • S01E11 The Last Residents of Tokyo

    • May 30, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    Jiro and Tanosuke quarrel, and both ask Kento for fighting lessons. During the fight Kento thinks of his childhood and the lessons he received by his beloved grandfather Kanto.

  • S01E12 Save Sanae! The Dreaded Space Virus

    • June 6, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    During tidying up, Sanae contracts an alien virus, and it’s up to the others to help cure Sanae before she succumbs to the virus.

  • S01E13 The Tearful Struggle of a Hungry Man

    • June 13, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    Tanosuke Hata meets a young girl named Ayame Sujita, and cupid’s arrow makes its strike. However, he does not know that his heart is already busy.

  • S01E14 Our other friend

    • June 20, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    General Mitsuka, one of Kloppen’s generals, decides to pignap Jiro’s pig Tonsuke and use him as a weapon against our heroes.

  • S01E15 Bang the Festival Drums for the Warriors of Space

    • June 27, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    Manabu restores electricity in the city that has been ravaged by the Akron Empire’s attacks. The townfolk organize a festival to celebrate the event. The appearance of an enemy robot ruins everything.

  • S01E16 Substitute Operation: Gluttony

    • July 4, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    General Neshia really sinks to a new low by sending the hungry orphans a huge batch of food… all of which is poisoned. If only Tanosuke would resist temptation and not eat that poisoned apple…

  • S01E17 How is Your School?

    • July 11, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    A new school opened up in town, and Ochame wants to go. Too bad those damn aliens have other plans…

  • S01E18 What Matters is the Heart, Not the Body

    • July 18, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    In this episode, a thief has hit the market… a young girl named Kaori Inoue. Once again, Tanosuke falls in love.

  • S01E19 Homework: Bemborg Collection

    • July 25, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    This episode shows a robot under the disguise of a cicada that tries to infiltrate Doctor Earl’s space station from the inside. Unfortunately, a child named Kenichi, who enjoys collecting bugs, puts a wrench in the general’s plans.

  • S01E20 It’s Impossible to Escape the Underwater Hurricane

    • August 1, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    Supreme General Kloppen is becoming frustrated that his generals have been failing every time they unleash their attacks on Earth. General Mitsuka decides to attack using an unusual weapon… starfish. Yes, you read right… starfish!

  • S01E21 Cratus, Warrior of Space

    • August 15, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    Doctor Earl and the seven orphans are greeted by Cratus, a legendary space warrior from Helios. Cratus brings news that throughout space, the Akron Empire has been losing ground because of the news of Prince Kento’s existence.

  • S01E22 The Great and Tearful Transformation of the Instructor Robot

    • August 22, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    Doctor Earl has become fed up of Kento Tate skipping on his “lessons”, so he constructs an instructor robot to make sure Kento doesn’t play hookey anymore.

  • S01E23 Gascon, Tiger of the Galaxy

    • August 29, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    In this episode, we meet a friend of Cratus, “Gascon, Tiger of the Galaxy”. Gascon is one of the most feared and courageous warriors in the galaxy, according to Doctor Earl. He is also about as crude and foul-mouthed as Kento. But anyway, he’s neutral in the war between Daltanious and the Akron Empire. Which side shall he go to in this war?

  • S01E24 The Sorrowful Tears of Beralios

    • September 5, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    After so many years, Beralios is reunited with Meralian, his long lost lover whom was believed to be deceased. Unfortunately, Meralian had been imprisoned by General Mitsuka and is eventually used as bait to destroy Beralios.

  • S01E25 Tears Do Not Fit Danji

    • September 12, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    Danji finds the man who set up his father for murder which led to the execution of Danji’s father. Will Danji finally be vindicated once and for all?

  • S01E26 The Challenge of Supreme General Kloppen

    • September 19, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    If you thought Kloppen was the head honcho of Zaar, think again! He answers to Zaar’s emperor, Grand Emperor Ormen. After seeing Kloppen getting his ass kicked, he’s getting pissed off. Kloppen tries to calm his enraged emperor by assuring that victory against Daltanious will be guaranteed.

  • S01E27 Daltanious Crosses the Fields of Death

    • September 26, 1979
    • TV Tokyo
  • S01E28 The Final Onslaught on Zaar’s Base

    • October 10, 1979
    • TV Tokyo
  • S01E29 The Power-Up Strategy of the Flame Sword

    • October 17, 1982
    • TV Tokyo

    This is the episode where Daltanious finally gets a major upgrade after Zaar sends its newest type of monster on Earth… a twinborg! Unfortunately, Unitogeros, the first of the twinborgs, prove to be too powerful for Daltanious… going as far as to neutralize the Flame Sword! So what does Doctor Earl and company do?

  • S01E30 A Bride from Outer Space

    • October 24, 1982
    • TV Tokyo

    Here comes the bride! Here comes the… WHAT THE HELL?! When did Kento get married and who the hell is… Oh, yeah! It’s Princess Kyatinu of Planet Proxia. This princess from outer space wants to marry Kento so that she can become an empress to Helios.

  • S01E31 The Mysterious Slave Ship Heading Toward Earth

    • October 31, 1982
    • TV Tokyo

    This time, we have one heck of a bombshell. Kento and a new character named Hayato re-enact a scene from Star Wars… sort of.

  • S01E32 The Secret of Hayato, the Wandering Father

    • November 7, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    We see more of Marios, the same man who survived the plane crash … and Ormen wants to know what he knows. I wonder what secrets he could be hiding?

  • S01E33 Kloppen’s Mysterious Identity

    • November 14, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    Ormen sees that he’s losing ground as the resistance against his empire is growing exponentially. Therefore, he comes with a scheme which involves Kloppen removing his mask.

  • S01E34 I am Kento a Man from the Earth

    • November 21, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    Princess Kyatinu and her nurse, Lady Judela decide to leave Earth as they see Kento as a worthless clone’s spawn.

  • S01E35 Doctor Earl, the Proud Rebel

    • November 28, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    Doctor Earl has been accused of being a traitor to the Empire of Helios… by Kloppen?! What the hell is that all about?!

  • S01E36 One Man’s Rebellion

    • December 31, 1979
    • TV Tokyo
  • S01E37 Panic at the Port City

    • December 12, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    Kento Tate acts as if he wants to bump uglies even though he might be infected with “The Clap“.

  • S01E38 Watch out, Arlin! Confrontation on the Lost Island

    • December 19, 1979
    • TV Tokyo
  • S01E39 Hayato, a Father who Risks his Life for the Galaxy

    • December 26, 1979
    • TV Tokyo

    Kento is so excited that he has his father back in his life again after being absent for twelve years. And as for the Empire of Zaar, they demonstrate their cruelty even to their own kind by forcing their own men to kill Hayato Tat… err, I mean Prince Arlin… or their own families would be slaughtered.

  • S01E40 The Secret of the Clones Revealed!

    • January 3, 1980
    • TV Tokyo

    Namil returns… only to be killed off by Kloppen by direct orders from Grand Emperor Ormen. However, before he cursed them out, he reveals what is known as “The Secrets of Zaar”.

  • S01E41 The Mobile Fortress of Betrayal

    • January 9, 1980
    • TV Tokyo

    Now that the whole universe sees Kloppen as a clone, Kloppen is shunned by everyone in Zaar… even his own imperial guard! Kloppen’s former imperial guard decide to declare mutiny against him and deliver their former commander as a gift to Prince Arlin.

  • S01E42 A New Battle for Kloppen the Man

    • January 23, 1980
    • TV Tokyo

    While Kloppen is thinking of what Kento had said in the previous episode, he’s faced with being between a rock and a hard place. According to Ormen, he has to kill Prince Arlin and regain his position in Zaar or face the bleak future of working in a factory until the end of his days.

  • S01E43 The Fierce Battle: Daltanious Against the Mobile Fortress

    • January 30, 1980
    • TV Tokyo
  • S01E44 Sally Forth, Adarus Base!

    • February 13, 1980
    • TV Tokyo

    It’s time for Adarus Base to go out into space and launch its attack on the Army of Zaar! It looks like the death of Emperor Parumion (no, not Emperor Nishimura) will finally be avenged…

  • S01E45 Father, Come Back to Me!

    • February 20, 1980
    • TV Tokyo

    Prince Arlin was mortally wounded by a sneak attack from the late General Mitsuka. Worse yet, Kloppen was mortally wounded as well by General Kabuto. After overhearing Kento shedding tears for this one man responsible for murdering his mother and sister (and countless millions on Earth), Kloppen is moved enough to make the ultimate sacrifice so that Kento’s father has a chance at survival.

  • S01E46 The Massive Attack Fleet Leads to Zaar in the Storm

    • February 27, 1980
    • TV Tokyo

    Despite Prince Arlin has yet to regain consciousness from receiving Kloppen’s organs, Arlin is brought with Kento and company so that he would be there when the war goes on. After vanquishing Supreme General Neshia, is a regular war ensemble! As a fight with Ormen on an unnamed twinborg unwinds, the Emperor of Zaar finally reveals his face!

  • S01E47 Ormen’s Tragic Tale

    • March 5, 1980
    • TV Tokyo

    Ormen shows his true face and regales to everyone in shocking detail of how the clones were conceived and how they were used as insurance for the Helios Royal Family. Apparently, the Empire of Helios is not as noble as it has been made out to be since the very beginning.