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Season 1

  • S01E01 Pilot

    • September 15, 1993
    • ABC (US)

    Walker is hired to locate a rich girl who runs away during her wedding. This complicates his plans to commit to his girlfriend and nab a bank embezzler.

  • S01E02 A Missing Person

    • September 22, 1993
    • ABC (US)

    A singer hires Walter to find her if she disappears in the next 24 hours. When she does disappear, Gwen goes undercover to help Walter find her before its too late.

  • S01E03 My Old Flame

    • September 29, 1993
    • ABC (US)

    After Jeremy Galvin receives a postcard from a lost love, he hires Walter to find her. When Walter locates her, she asks him not to tell Jeremy where she is. Gwen enlists the help of ex-fiance, Hunt Pelham, to reunite Jeremy with his true love.

  • S01E04 Farewell My Lovelies

    • October 6, 1993
    • ABC (US)

    Gwen wants to learn the art of surveillance and chooses a neighbor as her first test. She follows him to another home-complete with another wife and child.

  • S01E05 Cinderello

    • October 13, 1993
    • ABC (US)

    Alone on her birthday, Gwen is surprised by a ""gentleman burglar"" who steals her pearl necklace. After giving her a kiss, and climbing out the window, he inadvertently leaves behind one of his shoes. The burglar later returns her pearls and asks Gwen to hide him for a few days. Gwen learns that the fantasy of her burglar prince is not reality and that first impressions can be deceiving.

  • S01E06 Black River Bride

    • October 20, 1993
    • ABC (US)

    An amnesiac is found in the ocean and has no idea how she got there.

  • S01E07 If You Only Knew

    • October 27, 1993
    • ABC (US)

    Aurora Tyler hires Walter after she thinks she sees her father-who disappeared over 40 years ago. A record that was cut the day of his disappearance may hold clues to where he is.

  • S01E08 Careless Dentist Blues

    • November 3, 1993
    • ABC (US)

    Gwen goes undercover as a call girl. All goes well until the pimp falls for her.

  • S01E09 Quiero Vivir

    • November 17, 1993
    • ABC (US)

    When Walter lands in jail on suspicion of killing an actress after he broke up with her, Gwen, Billie, and Tito look for other suspects.

  • S01E10 In a Safe Place

    • December 1, 1993
    • ABC (US)

    After feeling guilty for the death of a woman whose affair he confirmed to the woman's husband, Walter visits his mentor, Gavin Mills.

  • S01E11 Memory Man

    • ABC (US)

  • S01E12 Small Packages

    • ABC (US)

  • S01E13 Watching the Detectives

    • ABC (US)