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Season 1

  • S01E01 Fleetfeet Versus Flat Foot

    • September 11, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    Shnooker receives a letter from a thief named Fleetfeet Fogarty. Fleetfeet plans to steal the Minerva Medallion in a museum. Shnooker is not worried because he installed a security system, and there are policemen and security guards around and inside of the museum. However, Fleetfeet is extremely fast and he steals the medallion. Shnooker tells Mumbly to arrest the thief.

  • S01E02 The Great Car Heist

    • September 18, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    At a top-secret testing ground somewhere in the Mojave desert, Inspector Shnooker witnesses a new weapon to aid police in crime fighting. The SCC-1 (Super Crook Catcher) is the world's fastest car, which also triples as a jet plane and a submarine. Mumbly arrives in his beat-up junk-pile of a car; Shnooker orders him to beat it, as this is top-secret, and literally smacks his vehicle around in the opposite direction. After the inspection, the SCC-1 pulls into the garage... where it is immediately ripped off by Big Duke, the country's most-wanted crook, who intends to use it for his own evil purposes and renames it The Super Cop Clobberer.

  • S01E03 The Magical Madcap Caper

    • September 25, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    Mumbly and Shnooker are assigned to guard people and their valuables at a mansion, where a magician named The Great Merlini is performing. Shnooker thinks that it is an easy job, but Mumbly is suspicious of Merlini. When Merlini uses a magic trick to steal Shnooker's badge, a necklace, and a watch, Mumbly goes after Merlini to arrest him. Merlini tries to escape using his magic wand, but Mumbly is always faster than he is.

  • S01E04 The Big Breakout Bust

    • October 2, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    At Crabstone Prison - aka - The Rockpile, every precaution has been taken to make it escape proof. But Breakout Barney stows away inside a trash can the guards put out, and proceeds to head to the border.

  • S01E05 The Return of Bing Bong

    • October 9, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    Chief Shnooker receives a call from the Mayor, and he is ordered to solve a case that involves "a monkey on top of a building". When Lieutenant Mumbly enters Shnooker's office, Shnooker tells the dog detective to leave because he is confident that he can solve the case by himself. Shnooker immediately gives the task to Mumbly when the detective finds out that the "monkey" is actually a huge destructive gorilla called Bing Bong that is terrorizing their city.

  • S01E06 The Super-Dooper Super Cop

    • October 16, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    Shnooker hires a robot detective named Lieutenant Nuts and Bolts. Mumbly and Nuts and Bolts have to stop a cat burglar known as The Phantom Cat from robbing a safe. Shnooker tells them that the first detective to arrest the cat burglar will keep their job, and the other detective will lose their job.

  • S01E07 The Big Ox Bust

    • October 23, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    Mumbly and Shnooker drive in Mumbly's beat-up car to a forest in Canada. A Mountie tells them that a giant lumberjack named Powerful Pierre is terrorizing the forest, and that Pierre is "Craftier than a fox and bigger than an ox!" Mumbly is nervous, but Shnooker thinks that the Mountie is lying and driving in Mumbly's car scares him more. Suddenly, the lumberjack picks up and throws the Mounted Police Headquarters building. Shnooker tries to arrest him, but he is thrown in the river. Shnooker tells Mumbly to apprehend Pierre while he takes a vacation in Florida.

  • S01E08 The Great Graffiti Gambit

    • October 30, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    Graffooey the Great Graffiti Artist is covering Mumbly and Shnooker's city with graffiti! The detectives have to stop Graffooey before he causes even more damage to their city. Mumbly appears in a painting and tries to apprehend Graffooey, but the painter uses his magic paintbrush to create an airplane and escape.

  • S01E09 Taking Stock

    • November 6, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    George Beefsteak's prize bull, Big Red, suddenly disappears during a livestock show. Lieutenant Mumbly and Chief Shnooker are called and they investigate the strange event. While Mumbly writes some clues down, Shnooker re-enacts the scene of the crime by standing on the platform where the bull vanished. The platform flips and a rustler known as the Lonesome Rustler appears from the other side of the platform with the bull, and runs to his truck. The platform flips again, and Shnooker orders Mumbly to rescue

  • S01E10 The Littermugg

    • November 13, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    KQQQ-TV devotes a half-hour of their airtime to small talk with Shnooker, Chief of Police, broadcast directly from his office. Shnooker reports that he is cleaning up crime in their fair city, when all of a sudden he is deluged with garbage. The telecast is interrupted with a news report that the mysterious Mr. Littermugg has been busy littering the streets with garbage! His modus operandi: first a banana is dropped, followed by a pile of garbage; even the roving reporter on the scene isn't immune to such a gruesome attack. Chief Shnooker alerts the sanitation department, but even they are helpless to keep up with the numerous amounts of garbage left by Mr. Littermugg, so he assigns Mumbly to the case, giving him 24 hours to do so.

  • S01E11 The Perils of the Purple Baron

    • November 20, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    The Purple Baron, a pilot who flies a biplane, has frozen all of the people in Mumbly and Shnooker's city by using his immobilizer beam! Mumbly was not affected by the beam, and he notices that no one is moving when driving to the police headquarters. Shnooker is frozen, but he left a message for Mumbly on a tape recorder. Shnooker tells Mumbly that Purple Baron shoplifts and robs people of their money while they are immobilized, and the dog detective has to stop him.

  • S01E12 The Fatbeard the Pirate Fracas

    • November 25, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    Fatbeard the pirate invades a cruise ship, causing havoc. Mumbly is sent to capture and remove him. *Telecast Thursday afternoon, November 25, 1976, a Thanksgiving, as part of ABC's Thanksgiving Funshine Festival.

  • S01E13 The Big Snow Foot Snow Job

    • November 27, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    Chief Shnooker goes on vacation at a ski lodge for a skiing lesson, and Lieutenant Mumbly is in charge of the police station. A large creature called Snow Foot is scaring everyone away from the lodge. Shnooker is not afraid of the creature, and he tries to go skiing. After encountering Snow Foot, the detective frantically calls Mumbly for help. Mumbly drives to the ski lodge in his beat-up car and Shnooker asks Mumbly to arrest Snow Foot.

  • S01E14 Sherlock's Badder Brudder

    • December 4, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    Mumbly and Shnooker want to see the launch of a rocket going to Mars. However, two criminals named Hemlock and Alfie are after them. When Shnooker gets a report about Hemlock and Alfie, he calls Mumbly and tells him to be careful. When Hemlock and Alfie recognize Mumbly driving in his beat-up car, they send him to an airplane going to the North Pole. Mumbly comes back driving a sled, with sled dogs. They run to an abandoned house, lock Mumbly in a safe, and throw the safe in a chimney. Hemlock tells Alfie to use bricks to block the chimney. Then Alfie realizes that Mumbly helped him block the chimney! Hemlock and Alfie force Mumbly to go on a boat to Timbuktu. Mumbly follows Hemlock and Alfie to a hotel, and shows up in Alfie’s submarine in a bathtub. He also repeatedly jumps on the hotel sign outside a window, and Hemlock thinks that he’s seeing mirages because they sent Mumbly to Timbuktu earlier. Hemlock and Alfie drop Mumbly off a plane to a jungle in Borneo, but he continues to pursue them. They frantically try to escape, but they always see him when they open a door. Mumbly shows up at the space station, and Shnooker is waiting for him. Shnooker tells him to find out if he can look inside the rocket. Hemlock and Alfie try to send Mumbly to Mars, but as soon as Hemlock says, “By Jove, we did it Alfie! Mumbly is on his way to Mars!” Mumbly is standing right next to them. They give up and decide to go to Mars, and Shnooker accidentally gets in the rocket with them when it blasts off.

  • S01E15 The UFO's a No-No

    • December 11, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    A UFO lands in the city on the City Hall lawn. Mumbly and Shnooker both think that it’s just a strange car on the lawn, but two Martians, Spaceo and the Martian Commander, are planning to invade Earth. Shnooker orders Mumbly to give Spaceo a parking ticket and collect the $2 fine. Mumbly does his best to give Spaceo the parking ticket, but he tries to ignore Mumbly. Mumbly always catches up to Spaceo, and he gives the Martian a lot of tickets. Mumbly even goes to Mars and gives the Martian Commander a ticket! Spaceo gets really mad after getting a ticket for landing in a no parking zone, and he tries to freeze Mumbly with his ice laser gun. He surrenders when Mumbly gets out of the block of ice and almost runs over him in a truck. Shnooker doubts that Mumbly saved the Earth from an invasion. He asks Mumbly if Spaceo paid the $2 fine, and Mumbly gives Shnooker 500 Martian kronkels. When Shnooker sarcastically asks Mumbly if "little green guys" took him to the moon, tiny green creatures take him to the moon.

  • S01E16 Hyde and Seek

    • December 18, 1976
    • ABC (US)

    Lt. Mumbly is called away from the water cooler by Chief Shnooker for another assignment: a complaint about strange happenings at Dr. Seek's laboratory. Mumbly drives his beat-up run-down jalopy over to the lab to find out what he's up to. Dr. Seek greets Mumbly at the front door and invites him inside; he reveals that he is creating a new soda-pop and is in the middle of a new experiment, and goes back to his lab. There he drinks his latest sample and is transformed into the insidious Mr. Hyde! Mumbly, who is waiting in the next room, is immediately snatched up and depositied outside by Mr. Hyde. Suddenly, the creature turns back to normal Dr. Seek, who is completely unaware of what has happened. Mumbly once again knocks on the front door and greets Dr. Seek. While following Mumbly, he once again morphs into the insidiou Mr. Hyde, who snatches the dog detective up, sticks him inside a paper airplane, and tosses him out the front door. Hyde transforms back into Seek when Mumbly flies back inside, but changes back to Hyde in time to snatch the paper plane from Mumbly sending him flailing into a closet. The Hyde creature searches in the closet but to no avail, as Mumbly is on the other side of the closet door! Hyde truns back into Dr. Seek, who greets Mumbly and offers him a nice cool drink. Mumbly agrees, and Seek goes back to his lab, only to once again become Mr. Hyde, who makes yet another futile attempt to capture Mumbly. Then Hyde become Seek once more; Mumbly, hiding in a chandelier above, drops down to describe Mr. Hyde, but as his back is turned (you guessed it!) Seek is Hyde once more, and Mumbly immediately turns tail! Hyde gives chase, but Mumbly has hidden himself in a cookie jar; just then, Hyde truns back into Dr. Seek once again, only this time, Mumbly actually witnesses the transformation! Mumbly confronts Dr. Seek with this knowledge, and Seek confesses; he was trying to develop a brand-new flavor for 6 super sodas, but all of the experiments

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