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Episode 36

The police turn up at Val's place and arrest Bea, but she persuades them Val didn't have any choice but let her stay. She is brought back to Wentworth and welcomed back by Doreen. With little effort, Bea reclaims the press. That night after lights out, Noeline punches her, but next morning it is Noeline who wakes up worse for wear. Bea goes to the Governor and admits she walloped her. Monnie is still adamant she's in charge, leading to a brawl between them, during which Meg is knocked out. They finally declare a truce. Erica furiously cancels Lynn and Karen's day releases when no-one will say where the booze came from, so Clara takes sole blame for the alcohol and is sent to Solitary. Steve tells Karen he has feelings for her but is rebuffed. Greg looks after Meg after her accident and they end up spending the night together.

Name Type Role
Denise Morgan Writer
Joanna Weir Guest Star Student
Bill Tyrell Guest Star Detective
Betty Lucas (Clara Goddard) Guest Star
Marilyn O'Donnell Guest Star Wanda
Billie Hammerberg (Valerie Richardson) Guest Star
Lesley Baker Guest Star Monica Ferguson
Jude Kuring Guest Star
Joanne Lehman Guest Star Yvonne
Anne Sutherland Guest Star
Leigh Spence Director