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Episode 37

Meg and Greg are nervous around each other after spending the night together. Doreen appears to be developing a crush on Lynn and is upset to realise Lynn's parole is looming. Noeline learns that she will be released in a week's time and is warned to keep out of trouble, but both Erica and Meg know she will be back before very long. Marianne de Vere agrees to fund the halfway house and wants to throw a garden party for the women, to which the media will be invited. Despite Vera's reservations, both Erica and the Department agree to it. Marianne also donates a new colour TV for the Rec Room. Clara is given permission to do the catering for the garden party, at which Lizzie and Doreen start a food fight. Everyone later gathers in the Rec Room for the unveiling of the new TV, only to find it has been smashed by the now released Noeline.

Name Type Role
John Drew Writer
Jude Kuring Guest Star
Betty Lucas (Clara Goddard) Guest Star
Anne Sutherland Guest Star
Sue Silver Guest Star
Babs Wheelton (Mrs Bourke) Guest Star
Lesley Baker Guest Star
Rod Dorin Guest Star
Suzy Gashler (Marianne DeVere) Guest Star
Marcus Cole Director