Lynn frets about her parole as she protests the letters were planted on her. Fortunately, she has Meg and Erica on her side. Doreen steals some pills from the surgery and plants them under Lynn's pillow, where they are found in a cell search. Lynn is sent to Solitary, but Lizzie suddenly realises that Doreen set her up. Joyce's husband Harry comes to visit her, anxious to get his hands on the robbery money. She refuses to tell him. He returns later with some men in a truck and tries to abduct her from the prison grounds. Jim intervenes and is injured in the scuffle. Meg asks Greg to consider giving up his job at Wentworth. Monica decides to sell her milk bar to Marilyn and Eddie.

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  • Episode Number 41
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Wednesday, July 11, 1979
  • Production Code
  • Directors Leon Thau
  • Writers John Hepworth
  • Guest Stars Wendy Damien (Sister), Terry Emery (Vince), Peter Finlay (Mac), Rob Harrison (Harry Martin), Brad Lindsay (Male Guard), Judy Nunn (Joyce Martin), Anne Sutherland (Officer), Helen Noonan (Wendy), Terry Tulk (Fred), Nanette Wallace (Sally), Richard White (Male Guard)
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