Jim recovers from his minor injuries as Joyce recovers from her narrow escape at the hands of her husband. Not wanting Harry to get to the money, she asks Monica to help her move the money somewhere safer after she is released. Erica learns that Jim and his wife, Leila, are separated. Lizzie tells Erica that she framed Lynn: Lynn is let out of the pound and Lizzie suffers loss of privileges. Meanwhile, Lizzie confronts Doreen, telling her she knows it was her who did it. Doreen spitefully tells Lynn that it was Lizzie who set her up and Lynn turns on the old woman. However, Monica soon works out the truth about the whole incident and tells Lynn the truth. Lynn is furious and calls Doreen a worm, rubbing mud in her face. Steve is invited to lunch by an old flame, Jennifer Collins, who proposes they go into partnership together.

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  • Episode Number 42
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Tuesday, July 17, 1979
  • Production Code
  • Directors Leon Thau
  • Writers Maree Teychenne
  • Guest Stars Laurel Burton (Jennifer Collins), Michael Duffield (Charles Baldwin), Judy Nunn (Joyce Martin), Penny Ramsay (Leila Fletcher), Sue Silver (Officer), Joanna Weir (Suzanne)
  • Is Movie
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