The suspended Jim has a motel liaison with Blossom, and gets her to tell her where the key is, then turns her over to the police. He gets reinstated and gets a large reward for his part in the capture; Monica and Joyce get charged for their parts in the saga, and Joyce is transferred to another block. Jim learns Leila has a new boyfriend. Tom Burton tries to break off the affair with Melinda, who blackmails him with incriminating photos: she wants $5000 or she'll send them to his wife. He tries to call her bluff, and the photos end up in his wife's clutches. Lizzie gets out of the infirmary and returns to her cell, where she is fussed over by Edie. Edie, meanwhile, is worried about returning to the outside, and is upset by Jean discussing it with her. Jim takes Jean to task over her insensitivity. Peter tries to get hold of the officers' files, and manages to get hold of Jim's army file, which reveals he has a phobia of blood.

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  • Episode Number 48
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Tuesday, August 7, 1979
  • Production Code
  • Directors Philip East
  • Writers S.E. Unsworth
  • Guest Stars Colleen Clifford (Edith Wharton), Carrillo Gantner (Peter Clements), Terry Gill (Det Sgt Grace), Kate Jason (Martha Eaves), Lynda Keane (Denise Crabtree), Judy Nunn (Joyce Martin), Lulu Pinkus (Melinda Crosse), Hu Pryce (Tom Burton), Paul Glen (Bob)
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