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Episode 49

The women plan to make a fool of Jim when they learn that he is afraid of blood. They talk Greg into holding first aid classes for them, and plan to humiliate him during it. Edie is worried about him and tells Vera the women are up to something. During the class, the girls pour red liquid over Monica; Jim gets flustered and over-reacts. They plan another surprise for him later on, but are thwarted by Edie. Meanwhile, Lizzie and Edie are becoming firm friends. Jean tries to find Edie somewhere to live when she is released, while Lizzie plots to help her friend stay inside with her. Jim offers to help Edie financially. The night before she is due to be released, she passes away in bed, leaving Lizzie distraught. Jim arranges to pay for her funeral. Carol Burton calls the cops on Melinda and has her arrested for blackmail; she arrives at Wentworth and is shocked to find Karen is already an inmate there.

Name Type Role
Denise Morgan Writer
Lulu Pinkus (Melinda Crosse) Guest Star
Hu Pryce (Tom Burton) Guest Star
Roy Baldwin Guest Star
Judith Roberts (Carol Burton) Guest Star
Colleen Clifford Guest Star
Reylene Pearce Guest Star
Leon Thau Director
Philip East Director