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Episode 164

The story Anne tells Jim and Vera is very confused, and she eventually agrees she made the whole thing up. She is returned to the laundry where she starts to talk again about her friend Megan. When she tells the women about finding Megan dead and the doctors describing it as a cot death, it becomes obvious she's talking (at least in part) about a baby. Anne says that she named her baby after her best friend, but now no-one can help her as they are both dead. Vera can't persuade Meg to change her mind and take back her resignation. The women try to pretend that the escape plan was just a joke, but Anne isn't convinced and flies into a rage. Bea realises it was Anne who attacked her. Later on, Anne has returned to "normal" and helps Lizzie with her lines. Meg talks to Bob about being born in prison: she says her mother was given a 5 year sentence during the war for black market activities and her father was a US soldier. Judy gets Anne to stand in as Prince Charming to show Margo how it should be done, but Vera cuts Anne down to size by reminding her that her family had disinherited her. Anne now admits she stole the money to all the women in the rec room. Judy passes the information on to Bea, and they work out how to manipulate Anne's behaviour, as she seems to lose control either when ordered about or left out and ignored. Helen demands free driving licences from Weasel, as he was already paid for Judy's passport. Anne overhears the women discussing what they would have to do to provoke her and get her transferred: she cannily manages to recover her self-possession and not react to their taunts. Vera calls on Meg at home and tells her again she shouldn't have resigned. Helen dons a blond wig and does a passable imitation of Doreen to get the bank to cash her a cheque for $3,000. The women try to get Anne to talk about Megan in front of Vera, but Anne cheerfully admits she made the whole thing up. Vera tells the women that Meg has resigned. Meg gets a note from Mart

Name Type Role
Denise Morgan Writer
Wynn Roberts (Mr Gillespie) Guest Star
Rowena Wallace (Anne Griffin) Guest Star
Jentah Sobott (Heather 'Mouse' Trapp) Guest Star
Anthony Hawkins Guest Star
Bryon Williams Guest Star
Colin Vancao Guest Star Weasel
Jane Clifton (Margo Gaffney) Guest Star
Caroline Gillmer (Helen Smart) Guest Star
Mike Murphy Director