On the day of the panto and escape attempt, Gillespie is suspicious and snooping around backstage. The panto is a roaring success with the kids present, and under cover of costume, Judy, Doreen, Mouse and Irene make their escape down the tunnel. Back above ground, Lizzie has been pondering going with Dor, and when she finds Teddy left behind, her mind is made up and she ventures down after them, pursued by Bea, determined to bring her back. After watching what has been going on, loopy Anne tips a wheelbarrow of dirt on top of the entrance to the tunnel, burying it from sight and effectively trapping them all down there. And then disaster strikes when the tunnel collapses on top of the escapees, crushing Irene and trapping everyone else... Meanwhile, Meg prepares to start a new life with Bob, as they tie the knot.

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  • Episode Number 82
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Wednesday, November 12, 1980
  • Production Code
  • Directors Rod Hardy, Juliana Focht
  • Writers Dave Worthington
  • Guest Stars Anthony Hawkins (Bob Morris), Wynn Roberts (Mr Gillespie), Jentah Sobott (Heather 'Mouse' Trapp), Rowena Wallace (Anne Griffin), Jane Clifton (Margo Gaffney), Sue Devine (Tracey Morris), Caroline Gillmer (Helen Smart), Reylene Pearce (Phyllis Hunt)
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