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Episode 167

Jim overhears Mouse and Margo discussing the escape and what might have happened to Doreen and Bea, and Irene's death in the cave-in. Anne is also listening as they pass her cell and she assumes that it's Bea who is dead. Mouse agrees to show the officers where the tunnel is, but Gillespie nevertheless orders that she loses remission. Lizzie uses a piece of her costume tied round a stick as a torch, but Bea grabs hold of it and rushes off down the tunnel. Chrissie asks Gillespie for permission to hold a first birthday party for Elizabeth: he refuses and says he will make sure that child welfare are informed and come to collect Elizabeth promptly when she is one year old. Mouse leads the officers to where Lizzie and Doreen are. Anne is told that Dr Weissman may want to see her again after he's interviewed her family. Bea is eventually found banging her hands on a security grille trying to get through. Erica tells Gillespie he had no business interfering over Chrissie, and as a gesture she countermands his order and says the women may be let out of their cells, though the garden must remain out of bounds until the tunnel is sealed off. Bea is worried that her loss of control will diminish her in the eyes of the other women. Erica tries to get the women to tell her about Judy's plans, but no-one will lag. Mouse passes Chrissie a note to deliver with the meals to sickbay: when Bea reads it she knows for sure that it was Anne who buried them alive. Meg returns to work. Judy hitches a lift with an old hippy type. Bea's angry glare in the laundry is enough to unsettle Anne and ask to go back to her cell. Margo tries to persuade Bea not to go ahead with her threat to kill Anne. Judy's saviour introduces himself as Wally and invites her to come back to his cabin for something to eat. Anne asks to nurse Elizabeth, and Chrissie hardly has time to blow out the candle on the birthday cake and for Meg to take a couple of pictures with a Polaroid camera when the woman from child

Name Type Role
Denise Morgan Writer
Berrie Cameron-Allen Guest Star
Amanda Muggleton (Chrissie Latham) Guest Star
Jane Clifton (Margo Gaffney) Guest Star
Wynn Roberts (Gillespie) Guest Star
Alan Hopgood (Wally Wallace) Guest Star
Rowena Wallace (Anne Griffin) Guest Star
Bryon Williams Guest Star
Jentah Sobott (Heather 'Mouse' Trapp) Guest Star
John McRae Director