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Episode 168

Wally tells Judy he saw her photo in the newspaper, but tells her he has no intention of telling the police where she is, inviting her to stay as long as he likes. He is surprised when she turns down the offer of "a smoke", so Judy offers to explain why she is so opposed to drugs by telling him her story. Lizzie and Doreen are allowed out of sickbay. The women are delighted by the TV news that Judy is still on the run: Gillespie is annoyed and wants to have TV and radio privileges taken away. Erica tells him she will only agree to have the newspapers censored. Bea regrets that Anne has been transferred to a psychiatric hospital before she had the chance to fix her. Gillespie tells Vera to censor the papers but cuts her down to size when she suggests his own idea about TV and radio. Judy is disappointed that the letter she left in her cell hasn't been mentioned in the newspapers and is inspired by Wally's' suggestion that she writes to the Ombudsman. Doreen is told she'll be facing an additional charge for the escape at her trial for kidnapping. When Erica suggests that she hires some legal representation, Doreen is forced to admit that she has no money left in her account. Wally tries to persuade Judy not to send her letters, but ends up agreeing to post them for her. Lizzie takes an old packet of yeast from the kitchen to make grog and sets to work in the rec room store cupboard using two cleaning buckets. The TV and radio in the rec room mysteriously stop working. Next day a diversion is arranged as Vera is carrying the papers inside, so that Lizzie can get hold of an uncensored paper. Bea is pleased that Judy's letter has made the press after all. Gillespie tells the officers that they must work in pairs from now on: Erica is forced to agree with him. Lizzie hands Vera a letter she's written to the Ombudsman, but is told it has to be posted in a special envelope. Erica goes to see Ted Douglas to ask him again to do something about Gillespie, and he agrees to put

Name Type Role
Margaret McClusky Writer
Alan Hopgood (Wally Wallace) Guest Star
Ian Smith (Ted Douglas) Guest Star
Belinda Davey (Hazel Kent) Guest Star
Judith McGrath Guest Star
Wynn Roberts (Gillespie) Guest Star
John Murphy Guest Star Sgt Parker
Anthony Hawkins Guest Star
Jane Clifton (Margo Gaffney) Guest Star
John McRae Director