Terry finds Bea weeping hysterically in the corridor. She begs to see Meg. Bea tells Meg that she almost killed Margo, but doesn't understand where the violent urge came from. In the laundry, Lizzie and Doreen are now convinced Bea's faking. Judy asks Margo why Margo didn't tell the screws about Bea's attack on her. Margo replies - in a very hoarse voice - that she'll get even with Smith in her own way. Meg tells Bea some more about the last ten years. Bea once again becomes hysterical and tries to climb the fence . After hauling her back inside, Jim feels Bea is a fraud - but Terry and Meg are convinced she's genuine. Terry asks the women if there was a fight between Bea and Margo. Everyone denies it, except for Mum. Margo has had just about enough of Mum. Lizzie tells Bea that she knows that she's putting on an act, but that she'll back her up. Bea tells Lizzie to go away. Lizzie looks indignant. Meg meets one of her new probation cases, a young man named Nick Clarke. He has a bad attitude. Margo visits Mum in her cell. Mum tells Margo she's not afraid of her. Margo says she'd better be. Bob meets Meg at her office and reminds her they're entertaining business collegues. Meg tells Bob about Nick and says he reminds her of Marty. Lizzie tells Judy and Doreen she has a plan to help Bea. Jim tells Mum he doesn't believe Bea and Mum gives him a good verbal thrashing. Since she is elderly and middle-class, Jim looks properly thrashed. Meg visits Nick's flat. His flatmates are running about in a state of undress and Nick is talking about picking goods up off the back of trucks. Meg is concerned about this enviroment. Out in the garden, Margo sees Jim bring Mum her pills. Lizzie pretends to be attacked by Bea. Bea tells Erica that Lizzie - "Or whatever her name is" - set her up. Terry is concerned and thinks Erica should bring in Dr. Weissman straight away. Meg visits Nick's parents. His father wants nothing to do with him. Erica does not believe Lizzie's story, but tells her that Dr. Weissman is being sent for. Terry and Vera have an argument over Bea. Terry tries to change the subject, but Vera just snorts and walks away. Bea visits Dr. Weissman. Meg is called away from her social gathering to bail Nick out of jail. Mum leaves the rec room to get her pills, Margo has Lil follow her. Nick tells Meg that if she's so worried about him she should let him live with her. Mum returns to the rec room followed by Lil, who gives the bottle of pills to Margo. Lizzie tells the women she's responsible for Dr. Weissman being brought in. Bea tells her to leave her alone. Lizzie looks indignant. Dr. Weissman tells Erica that Bea is an amnesiac. He says that in her present condition there is a very good chance Bea could be released. Bea has a nightmare, Mum comforts her. Mum then discovers that her pills have gone missing. The next morning, Mum is not feeling well and tells Bea to go on to the showers without her. As soon as Bea leaves, Mum tries to get up but collapses on to her bed.

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  • Episode Number 36
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Tuesday, June 9, 1981
  • Production Code
  • Directors Geoffrey Nottage
  • Writers Peter Brennan
  • Guest Stars Mary Ward (Mum Brooks), Jane Clifton (Margo Gaffney), Brian Hannan (Officer Terry Harrison), Anthony Hawkins (Bob Morris), Ned Manning (Nick Clarke), Bryon Williams (Dr Weissman), Peter Drake (Dick West), Rod Dunbar (Ron Hardy), John Proper (Mr Clarke)
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