Bea finds Mum unconscious and stays with her while Jim runs for help. Margo comes in tossing Mum's pills in her hand. Bea asks for them back but Margo refuses. When Jim and Erica come running back Bea tells them that Margo has the pills. A search of Margo's cell yields nothing, but when everyone leaves Margo retrieves the bottle from under her waste basket and goes to rinse them down the sink. Bea walks in. She demands the bottle be handed over. Margo knees her in the stomach. Bea grabs Margo by the hair, spins her around and flattens her with a punch to the jaw. Vera runs in and prevents Margo from being strangled. Margo hands over the pills saying she found them in the rec room. Doreen catches Terry and Vera flirting. Doreen visits Bea and says that after this second attack on Margo no one will believe her amnesia story. Bea becomes upset and tells Doreen that she doesn't know who she is or what she's talking about. Doreen reminds her of the time they were trapped in the tunnel. Bea doesn't understand. Doreen finally believes her. Margo is waiting for Doreen outside the cell. She tells Doreen that Bea is off her rocker and that something has to be done about her. Doreen says not to hurt Bea - that she's sick. Margo says she's gonna be a whole lot sicker. Lizzie catches Terry and Vera flirting. Jim visits Mum in the infirmary and tucks her in. Vera and Terry have another date and kiss on Vera's doorstep. Vera issues her standard invitation "for coffee", but Terry declines. The next morning, Terry tells Jim he's lost the bet and gives Jim the money. Meg tells Nick she's found him a job as a warehouse packer. Jim and Mum have another chat - Jim is worried that Mum may have a bad go of it at her trial for harbouring Bea. Nick finds out his flatmates have been arrested for possession. He phones Meg for help, but she's off trying to help Mum's case. Meg discovers that the prosecution is determined to come down hard on Mum. Vera confides her feelings for Terry to Meg. Terry confides his feelings for Vera to Meg. Before anyone else can confide in her, Meg gets a call from Nick. When she tells him she is powerless to help his friends, Nick hangs up on her. Terry tells Vera that the only reason he didn't come in "for coffee" was because he doesn't want their relationship to be a one-night-stand. This pleases Vera no end. Margo, Bev and Lil burst into Bea's cell and attack her. They then drag her away. At muster, Bea is found missing. Margo smiles at Mum. A bloodied Bea regains consciousness locked in a storeroom. The cramped dark space causes her to recall the tunnel incident. Then, in a flood of mini flashbacks, her memory comes back to her. Bea is heard pounding on the storeroom door and let out. She tells Erica that she doesn't know who attacked her - it happened too fast. Erica has her locked in her cell for her own protection. Jim realizes that Terry is serious about Vera and insists on giving the bet money back. Vera catches the exchange but, fortunately, doesn't understand it. Margo peeks her head through the bars on Bea's door and taunts her. Bea walks over to her claiming not to understand why Margo hates her so. She then grabs Margo by the back of the head and presses her face into the bars . "I'm back, Margo", she says, "And if you tell anyone - I'll kill you".

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  • Episode Number 37
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Wednesday, June 10, 1981
  • Production Code
  • Directors Geoffrey Nottage
  • Writers Bryon Williams
  • Guest Stars Mary Ward (Mum Brooks), Jane Clifton (Margo Gaffney), Brian Hannan (Officer Terry Harrison), Ned Manning (Nick Clarke), Gael Andrews (Sister Franklin), Kirsty Grant (Samantha), Paul Karo (Det Sgt Rouse), Judith McGrath (Officer Colleen Powell)
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