Doreen leads the verbal attack on Alison until Judy intervenes allowing Alison to run out of the rec room, bumping into Bea on her way out and somehow managing to scratch Bea's face. Doreen is amazed when Bea tells her they ought to just forget the whole thing. Jim warns Terry against putting too much trust in Inspector Grace. Sid arrives to visit Sid and Vera is just about to send him away when Meg tells her about the engagement and she instantly melts and offers her congratulations. Sid and Lizzie discuss their wedding plans: Captain Barton has agreed to marry them and Lizzie suggests the ceremony should take place in the garden. Erica is taken aback when Lizzie asks her if she will give her away at her wedding, but she agrees when Lizzie explains that this will mean she won't come back. Meg visits Alison Page's husband Don: he is worried that the children will suffer after an article in the paper about Alison. Having seen the interior of her house, one wonders how Alison can give herself such airs given her terrible taste in wallpaper. Meg is unable to convince Alison to calm down and try to make friends with the women and discusses this with Erica. Erica takes Lizzie out shopping for clothes for the wedding . Lizzie doesn't have enough money, so Erica pays for her. Back at Wentworth Sid's son, Gordon Humphrey, comes to visit Lizzie unannounced. He expresses his strong disapproval of Sid's engagement to Lizzie, and tells her he believes that she is only after his father's house. He threatens that he will stop Sid ever seeing his grandchildren again if the marriage goes ahead. Alison's family comes to visit her: her children are having problems at school now it is known that their mother is in prison.Terry tries to get the truth out of Kathy about Dinah's responsibility for the threats and murder attempts. Terry finds Dinah, but she won't give him information for nothing. Terry rings Grace and tells about Dinah and her pimp. Terry tries to have an evening together with Vera, since he has something important to say, but Vera tells him she has another appointment that evening. Alison is afraid when she gets to hear about death threats towards Kathy, and panics. She runs straight to her room and in sheer desperation, she finds finds a clothes hanger and pushes it into the wall socket to electrocute herself

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  • Episode Number 51
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Wednesday, August 5, 1981
  • Production Code
  • Directors Leigh Spence
  • Writers Alistair Sharp
  • Guest Stars Sue Jones (Kathy Hall), Fay Kelton (Alison Page), Stuart Finch (Don Page), Edward Hepple (Sid Humphrey), Terry Gill (Det Insp Grace), Trudy Simms (Dinah Walford), Bruce Kerr (Gordon Humphrey), Simon Finch (Chris Page), Jennifer Finch (Susan Page)
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