Bea hears Alison howling and rushes to the rescue, using a chair to break the circuit. Jim gives Alison mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Vera is delighted by Terry's proposal, and accepts. Alison is transferred to sickbay, with burns to her hands. Jim praises Bea for her swift reaction. Jim reports Alison's suicide attempt to Erica, who suggests that she could be moved to share a cell with Judy. Terry makes an excuse to get out of having dinner wth Vera and Meg. Vera tells Meg that she will give up her carreer now that she's getting married. Meg is asked to contact Alison's husband. When Sid visits Lizzie, she tells him that she can't marry him and scuttles away without giving a reason. Meg tells Don about Alison's "accident": he rightly complains that someone ought to have been watching her. He is allowed to visit Alison in sickbay at Wentworth. Jim phones Vera at home to find where Terry is: he turns up back at Vera's flat rather the worse for wear after a bashing, but refuses to tell Vera anything about it. Doreen and Bea chat about Lizzie's wedding, but Lizzie tells them it's off and then gives them all the details about Gordon and his threats. Erica calls Bea to her offfice to discuss what happened between Lizzie and Sid and Bea agree they should work together to try to help Lizzie. Erica visits Sid, and tells him about Gordon's visit to Lizzie. Terry manages to force a name from Kathy, which is Paul Tranter, a pawnbroker. Doreen finds out that Terry has been putting pressure on Kathy. When Sid gets a visit from Gordon, he tells him he is going to go to Lizzie to apologise for his behaviour, but Lizzie refuses to talk to him. Bea finds out from Doreen about Terry pressurising Kathy so insists that they talk in front of all the women in the rec room. Kathy remembers that when she was in the pawnbroker's a man she knew called John was there. Despite admitting that she had slept with him, she couldn't remember his surname. Terry visits the pawnbroker, and tries to pump him for information, but the pawnbroker is on the phone as soon as Terry leaves. Bea rings Gordon (with Jim's permission), and "invites" him to visit or he won't have any hope of getting Sid's house. Inspector Grace warns Terry not to carry on investigating on his own. Bea gets a visit from Gordon and sends Jim away with a phony excuse about the steam press. Bea threatens to expose Gordon and also hints she could set a bank robber friend up to rob Gordon's bank. Vera tells Erica that she's getting married, and that Erica should look for a replacement officer. When Vera arrives home and turns on the lights, she hears a noise. She believes at first that it is Terry, but is suprised from behind and has the barrel of a revolver held to her temple.

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  • Episode Number 52
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Tuesday, August 11, 1981
  • Production Code
  • Directors John McRae
  • Writers Bryon Williams
  • Guest Stars Fay Kelton (Alison Page), Sue Jones (Kathy Hall), Edward Hepple (Sid Humphrey), Bruce Kerr (Gordon Humphrey), Stuart Finch (Don Page), Terry Gill (Det Insp Grace), Laurie Dobson (Paul Tranter), Diane Greentree (Sister Franklin)
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