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Waterfall Rappel

We start off with the cast swimming in the ocean. Danny who is comfortable with himself takes off his shorts and skinny dips. Derrick later talks to Kina about how he is not comfortable with homosexuals and how he will share a bed with any of the girls or even Patrick but he will not share a bed with Danny. They receive their next mission clue over the phone saying that they should prepare to get water behind their ears and to be at the mission site by 9:30am. 8:01PM - Even though they have a mission the following day, they decide to go out to a bar. Danny says he can't get drunk because he gets really crazy. 9:36PM - After a few drinks, they all get a buzz but Danny ofcourse gets hammered. 10:20PM - They all start to dance and play around. 11:32PM - Danny starts trying to kiss the girls. He ends up vomiting everywhere and they take him back to the trailer. 1:55AM - Girls are still taking care of Danny who is vomiting while passing out. Derrick and Patrick are laughing at Dann

  • Originally Aired June 14, 2004
  • Runtime 25 minutes
  • Production Code 1302
  • Network MTV