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Gondola Rescue

As Jillian and Patrick brush each other's teeth, Jillian narrates that at first their relationship was purely sexual, but now that she has gotten to know him, she is falling in love with him. ""We have good sex, but it's mostly all psychical,"" Patrick contradicts. Derrick explains to Jillian that Patrick has a girl back home and it's very possible Jillian will end up getting her heartbroken. Jillian is aware of this, but gosh, golly, gee, Patrick is too irresistible. The Roadies' mission this time around is to perform a Gondola rescue high up in the air on a cold and rainy day. The challenge part of this mission is that one of their strongest team members will be rendered helpless. Patrick is chosen to be the ""victim"" and he, along with his teammates, worry that his talents are going to be wasted in this role. The Roadies take the Gondola up into the clouds and when it stops, Derrick is the first one to traverse the rope to the other Gondola. He comes very close to letting go because hi