RV Rampage

Henry Cole and Amanda Byram have faced many challenges in their lives but possibly nothing they have experienced to date could have prepared them for RV Rampage. Henry and Amanda host five international teams of two as they battle it out against a backdrop of New Zealand's breath-taking landscapes, stunning scenery and incredible coastline to be crowned the ultimate adventurer. With exciting and heart-stopping challenges to conquer along the way, the teams journey in their RVs from Auckland on the North Island to Queenstown on the South Island. Pushed to their very limits, the teams undertake Tourist Challenges, designed to immerse them in the culture and lifestyle of New Zealand, and Rampage Challenges, to test them physically and mentally. As well as taking part in one of the toughest competitions of their lives, the teams also have to contend with eating, sleeping and living in the pockets of the very people they are competing against as the five pairs share three motorhomes for the duration of the trip. There are tears and tantrums, fun and frolics, jitters and jeopardy as our ten competitors live, travel and adventure together. Jam-packed with daredevil adventures, fascinating insider knowledge and showcasing the very best of New Zealand and its colourful inhabitants, this is definitely a road trip of a lifetime.

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