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An Ache, A Fake & Forgot To Brake

Connie and Bill are still in therapy: separately. Both of them claim to be content apart, but Bill is hoping to talk Connie out of the divorce, especially now that Ginny has kicked him out of her apartment. On their way to a final, pre-paper signing cup of coffee, Connie unexpectedly crashes into a pair of parked cars. While awaiting medical attention, she and Bill have a frank exchange in which both admit they're still in love with one another. Now, they're reunited, in couples therapy, and Bill is assisting Connie with a few weeks of physical therapy. When Ethan is too busy to accompany her to a movie, Eleanor goes alone and comes back with a new friend, Annette. Very quickly, Annette makes herself at home, drinking milk from the carton and sneezing everywhere. Eleanor realizes her impulsiveness of designating Annette her new movie buddy was a mistake, but she can't bring herself to tell her to leave. When Annette wonders if it's because she's a lesbian, Eleanor seizes the opportunit