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At home, Ethan prevents his wife from answering nature's call and, much to Eleanor's chagrin, nature's not calling back. They duke it out, and Ethan storms off to his parent's house. There, they both admit that they've been squabbling because they never properly addressed their disappointment about Eleanor's miscarriage. They attempt to have a bout of make-up sex on Ethan's childhood bed, but don't get very far when her urge to ""eliminate"" overrides her urge to ""procreate"". After another proposal (this time, with umph), Chelsea and James are once again engaged; at least until James says something absurd in therapy and blows it. On the way home, Chelsea tries to return the ring, but they lose it along with their watches and his wallet when mugged by an unarmed man on a bicycle. Tired of waiting for the cops, they drive off, only to spot the thief entering a very nice house in their neighborhood, this time armed with bags of groceries. James confronts him at the door and manages to get h