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Season 1

  • SPECIAL 0x1 Pilot - Runaway Rocketboy!

    Jimmy, angry with his parents about grounding him for launching Carl off the roof, decides to run away. Judy wants to search for him, but Hugh says Jimmy'll be back in time for dinner. What neither of them knows is that Jimmy's not even on Earth anymore - he's in his new rocket, in space! Near Jupiter, his tiny ship is pulled into a huge Yolkian one. The Yolkians, thinking the Earth has launched their defenses against them, keep Jimmy and Goddard as prisoners. Inventions: Goddard, Strato XL, Jet Pack, VOX.

  • SPECIAL 0x22 Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

    • December 21, 2001

    Jimmy Neutron is a boy genius and way ahead of his friends, but when it comes to being cool, he's a little behind. All until one day when his parents, and parents all over Earth are kidnapped by aliens, it's up to him to lead all the children of the world to rescue their parents.

  • S01E01 When Pants Attack

    • July 20, 2002

    Since Jimmy's a scientist, he has more important things to do than pick up his pants - like invent a device that'll do that chore for him. But when the nanochip develops advanced brainial capacity, Jimmy's pants lead an attack on the city of Retroville! Inventions: MircoViewer 3000, Neutronic Eye in the Sky, Pant Eliminator, Smart Pants (nanochip), Laundroton, Neutron Catastrophic Simulation Escape System (Robo-Walker).

  • S01E02 Normal Boy

    • September 6, 2002

    Jimmy is tired of being a genius, so he decides to drain his brain to normal capacity. But when a big meteor heads straight for Retroville, who will save the day?

  • S01E03 Birth of a Salesman

    • September 6, 2002

    Miss Fowl's class has a candy-selling contest, with the grand prize being a trip to Retroland! To beat Cindy in the contest, Jimmy invents a robot programmed to sell candy no matter what. Inventions: Book Gum, Willy Loman 3000.

  • S01E04 Brobot

    • September 13, 2002

    Jimmy, fed up with being an only child, invents his very own little brother, Brobot. Although at first he is happy with the results, Jimmy's actions soon backfire when Brobot steals the attention of Jimmy's friends and family.

  • S01E05 The Big Pinch

    • September 13, 2002

    Jimmy brings Thomas Edison to the present using his Time Pincher. But the future of western civilization is threatened when Edison falls in love with Miss Fowl and refuses to return to his own time!

  • S01E06 Granny Baby

    • September 20, 2002

    Jimmy's Granny comes to stay while Judy and Hugh are off on a third honeymoon. Jimmy, concerned by her ailing health, gives her his new youth tonic. However, the potion works too well - Granny ends up as a talking baby!

  • S01E07 Time Is Money

    • September 20, 2002

    Through the wonder of time travel; Jimmy goes 15 years into the past to a time when his parents were swinging sweethearts. Jimmy's investment tip changes the future so that the Neutrons become fabulously rich - but with unintended consequences!

  • S01E08 Raise The Oozy Scab

    • September 27, 2002

    Jimmy, Cindy, Carl, and Sheen take to the seas in search of treasure for their oceanography project.

  • S01E09 I Dream of Jimmy

    • September 27, 2002

    Carl's sleeping problems are hindering Jimmy's scientific research, so Jimmy goes into Carl's dream to see what the problem is.

  • S01E10 Jimmy On Ice

    • October 4, 2002

    On an incredibly hot summer day, Jimmy tries to do Retroville a favor by blocking out the sun with quantumly enhanced sun block. But, as usual, things don't quite turn out the way the boy genius planned.

  • S01E11 Battle of the Band

    • October 4, 2002

    Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen form a band for the Talent Contest. Instead of focusing on their music, however, they focus on becoming rock stars - threatening their performance and friendship.

  • S01E12 See Jimmy Run

    • October 14, 2002

    After a humiliating defeat by Cindy in the school relay race, Jimmy improves his shoes so he can run at the speed of light! Unfortunately, he gets stuck in this super-fast mode. Unless he finds a way to slow down, he will disappear – for good.

  • S01E13 Trading Faces

    • October 14, 2002

    While Jimmy is using his mind-reading device on Cindy, their personalities are accidentally switched. Jimmy (in Cindy's body) and Cindy (in Jimmy's body) take advantage of this mistake, embarrassing each other to no end.

  • S01E14 The Phantom of Retroland

    • October 30, 2002

    At school, Nick tells a scary tale about the Phantom of Retroland, a monster that lives at the local amusement park. In the interest of science, Jimmy sets out to disprove this urban myth with the help of his reluctant friends Carl and Sheen.

  • S01E15 My Son, the Hamster

    • October 30, 2002

    A teleporting accident leads to Jimmy switching bodies with Carl's hamster, Mr. Wuggles.

  • S01E16 Hall Monster

    • November 1, 2002

    When the old tyrant of a hall monitor moves to Greece, Jimmy is chosen as his replacement. At first, he hates the job. But the power goes to his head, and he vows to "bring Lindbergh Elementary into the new century and beyond," becoming worse than the old hall monitor. Inventions: Hall Pass Authenticator, ID & Background Check Scanner.

  • S01E17 Hypno-Birthday to You!

    • November 1, 2002

    Jimmy wants that new chemistry set in the worst way. But rather than wait for his birthday to come around, he hypnotizes his parents to think that tomorrow is his birthday. This plan works well - too well. Hugh and Judy think that every tomorrow is Jimmy's birthday, and our boy genius finds himself in trouble once again.

  • S01E18 Krunch Time

    • November 15, 2002

    Jimmy determines to create a perfect snack: sour, creamy, sweet, chewy, etc. - all at once! When he finally gets the formula right, the snack turns out to be too perfect ... and everyone in Retroville becomes hopelessly addicted to it!

  • S01E19 Substitute Creature

    • November 15, 2002

    During Botany class, Miss Fowl accidentally swallows a seed from Jimmy's DNA-accelerated spinach plant. This has the unforeseen consequence of turning her into a 50-foot plant creature that threatens the citizens of Retroville. Inventions: ElectroMagnetic Radiation Multiplier, Hieroglyphics Translator, DNA Accelerator, Toaster Window Washer, Toaster Newspaper Deliverer, Toaster Make-Up Applier.

  • S01E20 Safety First

    • November 30, 2002

    A bully has been giving Jimmy a rough time recently, and he's had it. Rather than go to the proper authorities, Jimmy creates an electronic bodyguard piloted by Nanobots. The Nanobots get a little overzealous, though, and the Jim-Tech doesn't help Jimmy's situation much. Inventions: the Jim-Tech & Nanobots.

  • S01E21 Crime Sheen Investigation

    • November 30, 2002

    Sheen's oldest and most prized UltraLord is missing! It's up to Jimmy, playing a high-tech Sherlock Holmes, to find it. Inventions: UltraShock Dance Teacher 8000, Neutra-Scope.

  • S01E22 Journey to the Center of Carl

    • January 31, 2003

    Jimmy creates a Sick Patch to make him and his classmates get sick and stay out of school. But when the Sick Patch dissolves into the kids' skin, Jimmy has to go inside Carl to track down the germ and make a vaccine. Invention: Neutronic Sick Patch

  • S01E23 Aaughh!! Wilderness!!

    • January 31, 2003

    Hugh takes Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl on a camping trip into the wilderness, allowing no technology whatsoever. So what will save them when a big problem comes along? Invention: Neutron Camp-In-A-Box.

  • S01E24 Party at Neutron's

    • February 17, 2003

    Party at Neutron's Sheen and Carl convince Jimmy to throw a party when his parents go out to watch Ducks. But when Hugh and Judy come home early, how can Jimmy convince his guests to leave? Invention: Time Accelerator.

  • S01E25 Ultra Sheen

    • February 17, 2003

    Jimmy's new invention lets you actually be a player in your favorite video game! Sheen enters UltraLord Versus Robo-Fiend and is later joined by Jimmy. But when Carl enters in Llamapalooza, Jimmy's faced with the problem of getting them all back into the real world. Invention: Neutronic Game Pyramid.

  • S01E26 Broadcast Blues

    • March 14, 2003

    Broadcast Blues: Jimmy lands the spot of host on Lindbergh Elementary's Public Access show! When the show fails miserably, Cindy and Libby are brought in as producer and co-star, changing informative Science With Jimmy to flashy Funky Jam Dance Party (with some science). Inventions: Gravitrax SK30, AccoustaVac.

  • S01E27 Professor Calamitous, I Presume

    • March 14, 2003

    The bad Professor Finbarr Calamitous, who can never finish anything, plots to take over Retroville, with some help from its resident boy genius. Invention: Swiss Army Laser.

  • SPECIAL 0x2 The Eggpire Strikes Back

    • April 25, 2003

    The Yolkians have come to earth but this time they seek out only peace and brotherhood with the people of Retroville. But while they integrate themselves into society, Jimmy Neutron suspects the worst. Who could forget how the evil egg-shaped aliens tried to sacrifice the entire adult population of Retroville to the ravenous chicken god Poultra? Everyone apparently. Just when Jimmy is about to give in and make peace like everyone else, he discovers some evidence that reveals the Yolkian's true intentions. Inventions: Burp-Powered Jet Pack, Tungsten-lined Scan-ready DNA Regenerator, X-Ray Specs, Cheese Ray, Invisible Pills.

  • S01E28 Maximum Hugh

    • May 17, 2003

    It's time for the Parent-Child Picnic Games at Lindbergh Elementary - and the Vortexes always win. Since Jimmy doesn't think Hugh has what it takes to beat Cindy and her mom, he invents a headband to scientifically bring his dad's performance levels up past human standards. Invention: "...corrective electromagnetic cranial band." (Hugh's headband)

  • S01E29 Sleepless in Retroville

    • May 17, 2003

    Jimmy is hosting a sleepover with Carl and Sheen! To make it the best slumber party in history, Jimmy invents a machine to make perfect pillows for pillow fights, create made-to-order pizzas, and tell scream-your-head-off scary stories. But what happens if the invention is overloaded and the programs mix up? Invention: Slumbertron 9000.

  • S01E30 Make Room for Daddy-O

    • June 6, 2003

    The Father's Day talent show is only a few days away, and Jimmy has to perform with his Dad. Hugh can't wait for the big night. Jimmy, on the other hand, is afraid of being disgraced in front of the entire school. Sure he loves his dad, but why must Hugh be so dorky and un-cool? So Jimmy invents a device that will alter Hugh's personality, making him the coolest dad in Retroville. The invention's a success. Hugh is so cool he becomes a huge celebrity. But now this new-and-improved Hugh is too cool to spend time with his son. Jimmy must now come up with a last minute solution that will turn Hugh back into the dad he loves. Inventions: Neutronic De-dorkenator, mirco-fiber-optic tether net.

  • S01E31 A Beautiful Mine

    • August 1, 2003

    Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy, Libby, and Goddard blast off into space in Jimmy's newly invented spaceship to mine for aster-rubies while fighting off space bandits and their own greed. Inventions: the Jimbus, Chip.

  • S01E32 Sorry, Wrong Era

    • September 5, 2003

    Jimmy invents the Quantum Replay 9000 which enables him to go back in time. When Hugh gets a hold of it, he accidentally sends Jimmy, Carl and Sheen back 200 million years. Now Jimmy has to figure out how to get back while staving off a rampaging T-Rex.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Beach Party Mummy

    • September 19, 2003

    Bored by a class documentary on mummies, Jimmy decides to take Carl, Sheen, Libby, and Cindy along with him to see the real deal. But when his Electro-Life gizmo accidentally brings the mummies to life, Jimmy's got to keep himself and his friends from becoming the latest addition to Queen Hazabataslapya's Tomb. Invention: the Electro-Life.

  • S02E02 The Retroville 9

    • October 3, 2003

    Retroville 9 Jimmy's determination to captain a winning baseball team leads him to rev up the equipment with Neutronic technology. When the team unexpectedly reaches the World Championship, Jimmy has a crisis of conscience. Inventions: Hydraulic-force amplifying bat, Sphere-seeking gloves.

  • S02E03 Grumpy Young Men

    • October 3, 2003

    Grumpy Young Men Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen use Jimmy's Metabolic Accelerator so they can be old enough to buy a violent video game. The machine works a little too well, and the boys end up as senior citizens. Inventions: Metabolic Accelerator, Experimental Truth Syrum

  • S02E04 Nightmare in Retroville

    • October 29, 2003

    Jimmy's Neutronic Monster-Maker transforms Sheen into a werewolf, Carl into a vampire, and Hugh into Frankenstein's monster. However, Jimmy's invention works too well, making those three real monsters! The little genius's Halloween is complicated when Carl and Sheen bite Cindy and Libby - now there are five monsters chasing him! Invention: Neutronic Monster-Maker.

  • S02E05 Monster Hunt

    • November 11, 2003

    Monster Hunt Jimmy, Sheen, Carl and Captain Betty set out on a mission to capture the lake monster that has haunted Lake Retroville for at least six months. Inventions: Sonar Scanner, Demutation Pellet.

  • S02E06 Jimmy For President

    • November 11, 2003

    d Captain Betty set out on a mission to capture the lake monster that has haunted Lake Retroville for at least six months. Inventions: Sonar Scanner, Demutation Pellet.

  • S02E07 Return of the Nanobots

    • November 14, 2003

    Jimmy tries to update those mischievous Nanobots to correct his non-scientific homework, but the Nanobots become obsessed with pleasing "The Great Creator" and start correcting everything. Invention: Correcto-Tech.

  • S02E08 Holly Jolly Jimmy

    • December 8, 2003

    Jimmy is convinced that Santa Claus does not exist. To prove his theory once and for all, Jimmy travels to the North Pole with Carl and Sheen. The boys find Santa's workshop, but Jimmy thinks it's just another toy factory. In fact, nothing they see convinces Jimmy otherwise. When his homing device accidentally emits a blast of energy to the source of the signal, Santa's atoms get scrambled. With Santa temporarily out of action, who can deliver the presents? Jimmy must now put his doubts aside, load up the hypercube, and try to save Christmas before the people of Retroville make up a new holiday. Inventions: Reindeer Scenario 8.20-B, Jingle Bell-Powered Sonic Propultion Unit, Laser-Guided Navigational Beacon (Goddard's red nose), Warp Module

  • S02E09 Love Potion #976/J

    • February 13, 2004

    Jimmy shows off his latest invention – a love pheromone – to Carl and Sheen. Anyone exposed to it will fall in love with the first person he or she sees. Jimmy thinks his potion is stored safely in the containment chamber, but Carl accidentally opens it – and love is literally in the air, exposing them all! And Cindy Vortex is the first girl Jimmy sees! Will Jimmy be able to reverse the effects of his latest invention, or will love conquer all? Inventions: Phermone Number 976/J

  • S02E10 Sheen's Brain

    • March 8, 2004

    Jimmy tries to stop Sheen from getting left back in school by turing his Brain Drain Helmet into a Brain Gain Helmet. However, his plan backfires when Sheen's I.Q. – as well as his head – inflates to a destructive degree. Invention: Brain Gain Helmet

  • S02E11 MaternoTron Knows Best

    • March 9, 2004

    MaternoTron Knows Best Jimmy creates a robot to replace his vacationing mother, but when it becomes too controlling, will Judy come to the rescue in time? Inventions: Hydraulic Cuckoo Clock, Materno-Tron, Maternal Chip

  • S02E12 Send in the Clones

    • March 9, 2004

    Send In The Clones When Jimmy's chores get in the way of him enjoying rare ice crystals from outer space, he hurriedly creates clones of himself. These clones, however, represent different parts of Jimmy's personality. What will happen when the clones are let loose in Retroville? Inventions: The six clones from Jimmy's Telepods - Positive Jimmy, Negative Jimmy, Romantic Jimmy, Funny Jimmy, Macho Jimmy, and Evil Jimmy

  • S02E13 The Great Egg Heist

    • March 10, 2004

    The Great Egg Heist Jimmy helps Princess Guan Qi "Peggy" Tsu by retrieving the Egg-Drop Jade from the Retroville Museum before it is stolen by her evil brother. Invention: Null Generator

  • S02E14 The Feud

    • March 10, 2004

    The Feud Jimmy and Carl's dads are fighting and forbid their sons from speaking to one another, so Jimmy and Carl must find a way to end the feud and save their friendship. Inventions: Holographic Star Toad (game), flashlight-like laser, Chloro-Plastic Crabgrass (Perpetual Motion Gyro-Top and Non-Sucking Hydraulic Loopy Straw).

  • S02E15 Out, Darn Spotlight

    • March 11, 2004

    Jimmy tries to impress Betty Quinlan by auditioning for the lead role in the school play, a musical entitled MacBeth in Space. Though he loses the part to Nick, he jumps at the chance of doing the special effects. However, when Nick breaks his leg skateboarding, will Jimmy rise to the challenge, or let the play go up in smoke? Inventions: Neutronic Storminator, Hovershoes, laser spear, robo space-walker.

  • S02E16 The Junkman Cometh

    • March 12, 2004

    Jimmy, Sheen and Carl travel to the Moon to help Jimmy's robotic brother Brobot rescue his parents from The Junkman, an evil space scoundrel.

  • S02E17 Foul Bull

    • March 26, 2004

    Foul Bull During a class trip to a rodeo, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen fall for a cute cowgirl, Sally. To prove themselves worthy of Sally's heart, each of the boys set out to master a specific rodeo talent. Sheen turns himself into a rodeo clown, and Carl wrestles a pig, but it's Jimmy who comes out the victor with his impressive bull riding – and fool proof robotic bull, of course. Once the bull malfunctions however, the boys need the help of a real cowboy to save the day. That cowboy, or cowgirl, turns out to be none other than Miss Fowl. Invention: Hyper-dimentional Super-controlling Electro-Magnet, Bullinator 8000

  • S02E18 The Science Fair Affair

    • March 26, 2004

    Science Fair Affair Cindy leads a campaign to ban Jimmy from the school's science fair, citing unfair competition. But even an ousted Jimmy steals the spotlight when his patented oil-generating machine earns him a Nobel Prize for Science – then malfunctions and places everyone at the science fair in grave danger. Invention: The I Can't Believe It's Not Oil 8000

  • SPECIAL 0x4 The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour

    • May 7, 2004

    When Timmy Turner wishes he was in the greatest lab in the universe, he winds up in Jimmy Neutron's secret laboratory, and Jimmy is teleported to Dimmsdale. Jimmy happened to be giving Goddard an upgrade at the time, which Timmy interrupts, installing a violent video game into the dog's programming instead. Meanwhile, Jimmy inadvertently provides the means for Mr. Crocker to take over Fairy World. Invention: Jiffy Tuner, "Fudge-Head Suit" (as Cosmo called it).

  • S02E19 Men At Work

    • June 2, 2004

    To raise money for his inventions, Jimmy decides that he, Sheen, and Carl should get jobs. Skeet, employee of the month at McSpanky's, hires Sheen and Carl, but doesn't think Jimmy's the "McSpanky type," though he agrees to try Jimmy out. Jimmy, however, is not pleased with the brainless (and humiliating) work he has to do, so he takes it upon himself to show everyone what he's capable of - by bringing McSpanky's into the 21st century. Inventions: Hover Hats, Bee-Be-Gone, McSpanky's inprovements (including a tongue scanner and Customer Satisfaction).

  • S02E20 The Mighty Wheezers

    • June 7, 2004

    The Mighty Wheezers When his parents go to the desert for a camp-out, Jimmy spends the weekend with the Wheezers. The aches, pains, and insane precautions the Wheezers take to protect their health, however, soon get to Jimmy. Thus, the boy genius sneaks back to his lab and creates health boost pills for the Wheezers. The pills work a little too well, though, and the Wheezers end up with almost super-human abilities! But the effects are only temporary, and they could wear off at any time.... Invention: total health-boost pills.

  • S02E21 Billion Dollar Boy

    • June 7, 2004

    Billion Dollar Boy After Jimmy beats the richest kid in Retroville, Eustace Strych, in the Battlekite Flyoffs, Eustace's pride is wounded. He sets up a trap for Jimmy by inviting Jimmy, Sheen, Carl, Cindy, Libby, Hugh, and - most importantly - Goddard over to his mansion. There, Hugh befriends Eustace's dad while the kids enjoy an ice cream banquet. Things turn dangerous, however, when Eustace engages Jimmy in a bet - Goddard against one of Eustace's RA mul

Season 3

  • SPECIAL 0x5 Win, Lose And Kaboom (a.k.a. You Bet Your Life Form)

    • July 9, 2004

    A strange meteor lands in Retroville, bearing a mysterious message in an alien language. When Jimmy is finally able to translate and answer the riddle, he, Cindy, Libby, Sheen, Carl, Bolbi, and Goddard are sucked into space - only to find that the message is an invitation to Intergalactic Showdown! Team Earth must learn to work together to win - or lose their home planet! Invention: Wormhole Generator

  • SPECIAL 0x6 Attack of the Twonkies

    • November 11, 2004

    After a close call with a hostile alien life form on the comet Twonkus-3, Jimmy returns home only to find that a cute and cuddly alien has stowed away on his ship. Despite Jimmy's warnings about the dangers of keeping alien pets, the twonkies become huge hits, and soon everyone owns one. But when the twonkies undergo an unexpected mutation, they threaten to take over Retroville! Invention: Remote-powered mini comet.

  • S03E01 Lights! Camera! Danger!

    • November 27, 2004

    The gang enters a script-writing competition, where the winning script will get turned into a movie! The director, Quentin Smithee, chooses Jimmy, Cindy, Libby, Sheen, and Carl (much to Hugh's disappointment) to star in Jimmy's movie, which will be shot entirely in Retroville. During the filming, however, dangerous on-set "accidents" start to happen, and the rest of the kids start to doubt starry-eyed Jimmy and inexperienced Smithee.

  • S03E02 The N Men

    • November 27, 2004

    An encounter with the Van Patten radiation belt causes strange mutations in the kids: Jimmy glows orange, Cindy is super strong, Sheen is super fast, Libby can become invisible, and Carl has sonic burps. As the N Men, they work to fight evil in Retroville, but they end up doing more harm than good. The military soon steps in, capturing four of the kids, but only laughing at Jimmy's orange hue. When Jimmy discovers the dark side to his friends' new powers, he must race against time to find a cure - and deal with the effects of his power.

  • S03E03 The Tomorrow Boys

    • May 23, 2005

    Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl travel 15 years into the future, only to find that some things have gone wrong. Can they right the past to save their future?

  • S03E04 Fundemonium

    • May 24, 2005

    After the car company Hugh works for decides they don't need his services anymore, the Neutrons are faced with the awful prospect of moving. To stay in Retroville, Hugh becomes a toy inventor, and the Nanobots return again to wreak more havoc....

  • S03E05 Stranded

    • May 26, 2005

    A trip gone wrong ends up turning even worse when Jimmy and Cindy get into an argument that winds up getting them stranded together.

  • S03E06 Jimmy Goes to College

    • May 27, 2005

    Jimmy becomes frustrated at school when his scientific lecture is disregarded in favor of making macaroni sculptures. So, when Dean Cain, head of Pamona University, offers him a chance to enroll in that college to help them win a science grant, Jimmy eagerly accepts. He soon finds, however, that college is a completely different world from elementary school ... a much more challenging one. And when it comes to jealousy of Jimmy's knowledge, Cindy (left behind at Lindbergh Elementary) doesn't hold a candle to new classmate Seymour.

  • SPECIAL 0x7 League of Villains

    • June 18, 2005

    King Goobot has gathered together a collection of Jimmy's previous adversaries, including Professor Finbarr Calamitous, Beautiful Gorgeous, Jimmy's evil-genius baby cousin Eddie, the Junkman, Eustace Strytch, Grandma Taters and the Space Bandits (Zix, Travoltron, and Tee). The mission of this League of Villains? Get Jimmy Neutron. Inventions: The Essence of N-Men, The Gravitational Wormhole Generator, "Negative Ions".

  • S03E07 Who's Your Mommy

    • June 20, 2005

    Carl gets infected by a "face-hugging" parasite, and becomes pregnant with an alien baby.

  • S03E08 Clash of the Cousins

    • June 20, 2005

    Clash of the Cousins The Neutrons go to a little family reunion ... but all their relatives look like Hugh!

  • S03E09 My Big Fat Spy Wedding

    • July 22, 2005

    Beautiful Gorgeous and Jet Fusion are getting married!

  • S03E10 Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen

    • November 18, 2005

    A kung-fu warrior wants to be The Chosen One in the temple of Shangri-Llama, but Sheen holds that position, with his ability to put his leg behind his head. So, the warrior kidnaps Libby in order to fight with Sheen and claim the title of The Chosen One as his own.

  • SPECIAL 0x8 The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide

    • January 16, 2006

    Jimmy and Timmy fight over who get's to take Cindy to the Friday the 13th Dance. But, when Professor Calamitous follows Jimmy to the FOP universe, Anti-Cosmo gets him to help his anti-fairy friends escape their prison (which cannot be penetrated by anyone from their universe). Now, the anti-faires plan to halt the Earth's rotation to make it Friday the 13th forever. But the problems had just begun. In an effort to impress Cindy, Timmy uses AJ's Gene Splicing Ray Gun and fuses Jorgen von Strangle and Calamitous together. With Jorgen's powers at his command, Calamitous can finally take over the world and do away with both Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner once and for all! Inventions: Portal, freeze ray, net attachment for hyper-cube, sound wave detector.

  • S03E11 Incredible Shrinking Town

    • January 23, 2006

    Jimmy accidentally shrinks the town of Retroville. Can he get it back to normal size before they're crushed?

  • S03E12 One of Us

    • January 24, 2006

    A children's show has hypnotizing powers and turns the town of Retroville against Jimmy.

  • S03E13 Vanishing Act

    • January 24, 2006

    Vanishing Act Jimmy tries to become a magician to impress Betty, but something goes horribly wrong, and he ends up transporting the group into alternate universes.

  • S03E14 The Trouble with Clones

    • January 25, 2006

    Evil Jimmy returns! Jimmy needs his evil clone to "be" him so he can up his invention output by staying in his lab while the clone goes to school and spends time with his friends and family, so he tries to make the clone a "Good Jimmy." Of course, things go wrong and Evil Jimmy wreaks havoc around town....

  • S03E15 The Evil Beneath

    • January 26, 2006

    Jimmy travels to the Bahama Quadrangle (a parody of Bermuda Triangle) to solve the mysterious disappearances surrounding it.

  • S03E16 Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius

    • January 26, 2006

    Carl wants to impress a girl by making Jimmy seem stupid in comparison to him.

  • S03E17 Who Framed Jimmy

    • January 27, 2006

    Who Framed Jimmy Someone's stolen a lot of money ... and the evidence points to Jimmy! Can Carl, Sheen, and Jimmy figure out who's framing the boy genius?

  • S03E18 Flippy

    • January 27, 2006

    Flippy Hugh wants to become a ventriloquist, so Jimmy decides to give him a hand. But his modifications may cause a big problem for his father....

  • SPECIAL 0x9 The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinator

    • July 21, 2006

    In this special, Jimmy and Timmy become friends and they create a super villain with the help of Cosmo and Wanda! When things are outta control, the duo must join forces to wack him off, can they do it? Inventions: Wormhole Portal, Porta-portal, Shirley

  • S03E19 How to Sink a Sub

    • November 17, 2006

    How to Sink a Sub Jimmy sends the teachers away for a week, so the parents decide to step in.

  • S03E20 Lady Sings the News

    • November 17, 2006

    Lady Sings the News The kids become news anchors for a local television network. But Libby's gossip section soon proves to be horrifyingly embarrassing! Can the other kids put a stop to her before it's too late and all their secrets are revealed?

  • S03E21 King of Mars

    • November 25, 2006

    Eustace Strych is back, and he's still determined to humiliatingly defeat Jimmy. Now the race to find an energy source on Mars is on! Who will win?

  • S03E22 El Magnifico

    • November 25, 2006

    El Magnifico Mr. Estevez wants to impress his son, so he asks for Jimmy's help.

  • S03E23 Best in Show

    • November 25, 2006

    Best in Show Jimmy enters Goddard in a dog show. Goddard easily wins, but he is soon disqualified for being robotic ... so the canine runs away to let Jimmy get a real dog.