Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1 x 1I Wasn't Ready2013-07-11  
1 x 2Tit Punch2013-07-11  
1 x 3Lesbian Request Denied2013-07-11  
1 x 4Imaginary Enemies2013-07-11  
1 x 5The Chickening2013-07-11  
1 x 6WAC Pack2013-07-11  
1 x 7Blood Donut2013-07-11  
1 x 8Moscow Mule2013-07-11  
1 x 9Fucksgiving2013-07-11  
1 x 10Bora Bora Bora2013-07-11  
1 x 11Tall Men with Feelings2013-07-11  
1 x 12Fool Me Once2013-07-11  
1 x 13Can't Fix Crazy2013-07-11  
2 x 1Thirsty Bird2014-06-06  
2 x 2Looks Blue, Tastes Red2014-06-06  
2 x 3Hugs Can Be Deceiving2014-06-06  
2 x 4A Whole Other Hole2014-06-06  
2 x 5Low Self Esteem City2014-06-06  
2 x 6You Also Have a Pizza2014-06-06  
2 x 7Comic Sans2014-06-06  
2 x 8Appropriately Sized Pots2014-06-06  
2 x 940 Oz. of Furlough2014-06-06  
2 x 10Little Mustachioed Shit2014-06-06  
2 x 11Take a Break from Your Values2014-06-06  
2 x 12It Was the Change2014-06-06  
2 x 13We Have Manners. We're Polite.2014-06-06  
3 x 1Mother's Day2015-06-12  
3 x 2Bed Bugs and Beyond2015-06-12  
3 x 3Empathy Is a Boner Killer2015-06-12  
3 x 4Finger in the Dyke2015-06-12  
3 x 5Fake It Till You Fake It Some More2015-06-12  
3 x 6Ching Chong Chang2015-06-12  
3 x 7Tongue-Tied2015-06-12  
3 x 8Fear, and Other Smells2015-06-12  
3 x 9Where My Dreidel At2015-06-12  
3 x 10A Tittin' and a Hairin'2015-06-12  
3 x 11We Can Be Heroes2015-06-12  
3 x 12Don’t Make Me Come Back There2015-06-12  
3 x 13Trust No Bitch2015-06-12  
4 x 1Work That Body for Me2016-06-17  
4 x 2Power Suit2016-06-17  
4 x 3(Don't) Say Anything2016-06-17  
4 x 4Doctor Psycho2016-06-17  
4 x 5We'll Always Have Baltimore2016-06-17  
4 x 6Piece of Sh*t2016-06-17  
4 x 7It Sounded Nicer in My Head2016-06-17  
4 x 8Friends in Low Places2016-06-17  
4 x 9Turn Table Turn2016-06-17  
4 x 10Bunny, Skull, Bunny, Skull2016-06-17  
4 x 11People Persons2016-06-17  
4 x 12The Animals2016-06-17  
4 x 13Toast Can't Never Be Bread Again2016-06-17  
5 x 1Riot FOMO2017-06-09  
5 x 2Fuck, Marry, Frieda2017-06-09  
5 x 3Pissters!2017-06-09  
5 x 4Litchfield's Got Talent2017-06-09  
5 x 5Sing It, White Effie2017-06-09  
5 x 6Flaming Hot Cheetos, Literally2017-06-09  
5 x 7Full Bush, Half Snickers2017-06-09  
5 x 8Tied to the Traintracks2017-06-09  
5 x 9The Tightening2017-06-09  
5 x 10The Reverse Midas Touch2017-06-09  
5 x 11Breaking the Fiberboard Ceiling2017-06-09  
5 x 12Tattoo You2017-06-09  
5 x 13Storm-y Weather2017-06-09  
6 x 1