12 Monkeys

All Seasons

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
SpecialOut of Time: Goodbye2015-01-15
SpecialOut of Time: Testing2015-01-15
1 x 1Splinter2015-01-16  
SpecialOut of Time: Self Portrait2015-01-23
1 x 2Mentally Divergent2015-01-23  
SpecialOut of Time: Enemy at the Gates2015-01-30
1 x 3Cassandra Complex2015-01-30  
SpecialOut of Time: Forty-Three Minutes2015-02-06
1 x 4Atari2015-02-06  
SpecialOut of Time: Overdue2015-02-13
1 x 5The Night Room2015-02-13  
SpecialOut of Time: Message2015-02-20
1 x 6The Red Forest2015-02-20  
SpecialOut of Time: Mission Accomplished2015-02-27
1 x 7The Keys2015-02-27  
SpecialOut of Time: Doubts2015-03-06
1 x 8Yesterday2015-03-06  
SpecialOut of Time: Goodbye, Again2015-03-13 
1 x 9Tomorrow2015-03-13  
SpecialOut of Time: Legacy2015-03-20 
1 x 10Divine Move2015-03-20  
SpecialOut of Time: The Next Cycle2015-03-27 
1 x 11Shonin2015-03-27  
SpecialOut of Time: The Interview2015-04-03 
1 x 12Paradox2015-04-03  
SpecialOut of Time: Names to Learn2015-04-10 
1 x 13Arms of Mine2015-04-10  
SpecialThe Witness2016-04-05 
2 x 1Year of the Monkey2016-04-18  
2 x 2Primary2016-04-25  
2 x 3One Hundred Years2016-05-02  
2 x 4Emergence2016-05-09  
2 x 5Bodies of Water2016-05-16  
2 x 6Immortal2016-05-23  
2 x 7Meltdown2016-05-30  
2 x 8Lullaby2016-06-06  
2 x 9Hyena2016-06-13  
2 x 10Fatherland2016-06-20  
2 x 11Resurrection2016-06-27  
2 x 12Blood Washed Away2016-07-11  
2 x 13Memory of Tomorrow2016-07-18  
3 x 1Mother2017-05-19  
3 x 2Guardians2017-05-19  
3 x 3Enemy2017-05-19  
3 x 4Brothers2017-05-19  
3 x 5Causality2017-05-20  
3 x 6Nature2017-05-20  
3 x 7Nurture2017-05-20  
3 x 8Masks2017-05-21  
3 x 9Thief2017-05-21  
3 x 10Witness2017-05-21  
4 x 1The End  
4 x 2Ouroboros  
4 x 345 RPM  
4 x 4Legacy  
4 x 5Die Glocke  
4 x 6After  
4 x 7Daughters  
4 x 8Demons  
4 x 9One Minute More  
4 x 10The Beginning